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The New Way to Get $400 in Free Travel

Having spent the last three years signing up for a total of 39 credit cards to accumulate millions of frequent flyer miles and points that have been turned into tens of thousands of dollars in free travel, I have to … Continue reading

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Best Travel Rewards Cards in Each Category Right Now

The fact is, we want you traveling.  There’s nothing we’d love more than a guest post a week from one of you, telling us how you’ve unlocked the world by taking advantage of frequent flyer mile deals. If there’s ever … Continue reading

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Notice: Sheldon and I run this blog as a hobby – a really fun one that allows us to show other people how we’re able to use our credit prudently to get frequent flyer miles and points to travel like … Continue reading

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Cruise Holidays

This is a sponsored guest post – something we do from time to time, allowing readers of our blog to look into awesome travel opportunities. We’ve written enough about cruises that you know it’s a form of travel that we … Continue reading

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Cruise Credit Card

So many people have asked us if there’s a way to get miles or points that will pay for a cruise.  There are some cruise credit cards out there, but none that I could get excited about until now. Cruising … Continue reading

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How to Make $135 by Taking a Cruise Vacation

I know.  You clicked on this article because the title was too utterly intriguing to pass up – a little bit like the “one weird trick” that will turn your flab into washboard abs – though I can guarantee that … Continue reading

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Get Wholesale Prices with Cheap Cruises from

I had given up on trying to get an extraordinary deal on a cruise.  I had concluded that the pricing was so finely coordinated that I’d never be able to really scalp a bargain.  Last time we went, we ended … Continue reading

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