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How the AA/US Airways merger could get you 2 tickets to any of 64 countries

Note: For a limited time the bonus on the US Airways Premier World MasterCard®  has been increased to 50k miles! This is a rough map of the destinations American Airlines serves which can be reached with 40k miles or fewer. By … Continue reading

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The New Way to Get $400 in Free Travel

Having spent the last three years signing up for a total of 39 credit cards to accumulate millions of frequent flyer miles and points that have been turned into tens of thousands of dollars in free travel, I have to … Continue reading

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Travel to Italy, Spain, France, or Germany for Less Than $160 This Fall

It was about this time last year that I booked my flights to Italy for $81 and 40,000 AAdvantage miles, so I indulged in a little fantasy and just started checking where could possibly go this fall with the 170k … Continue reading

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I Make My Travel Decisions Like I Make My Vasectomy Decisions

“Valium? Hell yes, I’ll have a Valium,” I say.  I’m not going to pretend I’m not nervous. Any procedure involving man-parts is uncomfortable, and the idea of being cut is unnerving, but you put those two together and, wow, we’re … Continue reading

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Free Travel Sounds too Good to be True

More often than not, our enthusiasm about free travel with credit card rewards is met with skepticism. A very common line of thought is that credit cards are dangerous. The world has rightly taught us that anything that sounds too good … Continue reading

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Meeting Minimum Spending Requirements: Vanilla Reload Cards

Our blog is about travel.  That’s our passion.  We love it.  We live it.  When I start to think about the moments that will flash before my eyes before I die… most of them will come from our travels.  I … Continue reading

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