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One Credit Card Application, Two Vacations for Two People

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve dabbled with frequent flyer miles.  You probably have a small balance with one airline and you may even have a card that gives you miles.  Maybe once in the past five years … Continue reading

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The New Way to Get $400 in Free Travel

Having spent the last three years signing up for a total of 39 credit cards to accumulate millions of frequent flyer miles and points that have been turned into tens of thousands of dollars in free travel, I have to … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines Companion Pass: $3500 in Free Travel

You know what would be cool? It would be cool if an airline would give you a “companion pass,” so that every time you fly, you could bring someone along.  That way instead of buying two tickets (I’m speaking metaphorically … Continue reading

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Rules for Planning a Credit Card App O Rama

We don’t pretend to be experts on the subject of credit, but we’ve researched it enough to feel comfortable “spending” a few points of our extremely good credit score to obtain travel bonuses that enable us to get out and … Continue reading

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Free Travel Sounds too Good to be True

More often than not, our enthusiasm about free travel with credit card rewards is met with skepticism. A very common line of thought is that credit cards are dangerous. The world has rightly taught us that anything that sounds too good … Continue reading

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I Want to Fly to Orlando for Free

We had a great seminar with some of our WorldWanderlusting followers last night and sometimes I’m afraid we make all of this far more complicated than it must be.  The simple question? How do I get to Orlando for free? … Continue reading

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How World Wanderlusting’s Free Travel Ideas Really Work

Armed with loads of miles and points, my husband and I took a vacation to Panama in June and this is how we did it. We flew on Continental for FREE, both of us got the Continental credit card (now … Continue reading

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