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The Best Business Credit Card for Travel Reward Vacations: Ways to use it to get to Tahiti, Ireland, or Istanbul

For something like three or four years, Sheldon and I kept this blog up – writing posts at least weekly and telling people about how to take advantage of credit card rewards to “travel the free-way.” I think it goes … Continue reading

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Planning Your First Cruise Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Throw a dart at a spinning globe and if it lands in the blue, chances are there’s a cruise ship which sails somewhere nearby. As a means of choosing an itinerary for your first cruise, this probably isn’t the most … Continue reading

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24% off absolutely everything in Europe

Pictures like these have a way of exciting me about making a trip to Europe: But, as a bargain-hunter, I’ve got to say that this picture has me even more excited: I know that one of the things that people hate … Continue reading

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A Photo Journal of our $81 Trip to Europe

I started telling some friends about our trip to Italy last fall and realized I have never really given our readers the photo-recap of our adventures. I lined out the itinerary in this post: Venice to Rome Itinerary in 13 days, … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Travel

So you’ve decided to book a trip, good for you! Everyone needs a break from the daily grind.  You’re ready for an adventure and we’re ready to give you some great tips.  These are some ideas on the best way … Continue reading

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3 Reasons You MUST Visit the Kennedy Space Center

It melted my heart tonight.  My (almost) three year old son tonight told me something as we loaded up in the car to run a few errands.  His focus normally lasts about 4 seconds, and he is on to the … Continue reading

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Host a Worldwanderlusting Travel Seminar in Your Home

Brad and I have loved spreading the word about traveling for less.  In fact, we were just visiting about it the other day and Brad came to the conclusion that “WorldWanderlusting has become part of my identity.”  We laughed a … Continue reading

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