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Why You Need British Airways Avios in Your Wallet

You probably might ask yourself, why should I ever pick up the British Airways credit card.    Maybe you’ll never consider leaving the country (but I think you should).  Here is a little secret about the British Airways credit card … Continue reading

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What Kind of Travel Excites You?

I was complaining to my wife the other day that we simply haven’t gone “anywhere” lately. She promptly reminded me that this year we’ve been to Florida, North Carolina, and San Diego.  Somehow it felt like those trips didn’t count. … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Travel

So you’ve decided to book a trip, good for you! Everyone needs a break from the daily grind.  You’re ready for an adventure and we’re ready to give you some great tips.  These are some ideas on the best way … Continue reading

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Manventure: The Great Amazon River Raft Race (And Machu Picchu)

I’ve made it no secret that I’m an avid follower of the ArtofManliness.com blog, and I find no shame in saying that I’m always working on my manliness.  If you follow the blog, you know there’s far more to it … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Places I Want to Go……Really Soon

Very rarely do I put together a top 10 list of places that I want to go.  I want to go everywhere, so I’m just taking the places as they come.  I figured it would be good for me to … Continue reading

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Follow Our Other Brother on His South American Adventure

vi·car·i·ous [vahy-kair-ee-uhs, vi-] adjective 1. performed, exercised, received, or suffered in place of another. 2. taking the place of another person or thing; acting or serving as a substitute. 3. felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others. One of my greatest regrets is not having embarked on some epic journey before launching into the life of kids and careers.  We’ve still managed to do some incredible things, but … Continue reading

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Travel- Do it While you’re young

Let’s be honest.  You don’t take enough vacations.  You’ve got a bucketful of excuses and you’re not afraid to use them.  You go through life wishing that you would travel more, but don’t do anything about it.  You’ve already accepted … Continue reading

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