Planning Your First Cruise Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Cruise relaxThrow a dart at a spinning globe and if it lands in the blue, chances are there’s a cruise ship which sails somewhere nearby. As a means of choosing an itinerary for your first cruise, this probably isn’t the most reliable. But there are a few universal hints that can launch you on the right course to ensure those first-timer, rookie errors are ironed out long out before you leave home.
Multi-stop cruises with few days at sea might not be ideal if you’d prefer to relax on deck and gaze at nothing but the ocean. For the insatiable explorer, however, multi-city trips in the Western Med including Barcelona, Florence, Pisa and Rome might be more up your street. But whether you’re on a cruise around the Mexican Pacific or the Yucatán peninsula, there are some tips which apply across the globe.
DO check their definition of “all-inclusive”
Check the term “all inclusive”. It’s true, cash rarely changes hands on board, but the only things that are usually included are accommodation, food, soft drinks and ship’s passage. On many lines, alcohol, excursions and premium restaurants are charged to your room key, linked to your credit card, so be sure to research, plan and budget for this before you leave home.
DON’T be late
Whichever one of the many cruise deals out there you decide to choose, whether it’s Central America, the Eastern Med or the Caribbean, one non-negotiable constant is the ship’s timetable: it will sail without you if you’re late. Eliminate the risks of flight delays and book a hotel in port the night before so you join the ship rested, relaxed and in plenty of time.
DON’T suffer motion sickness
If you’re worried about seasickness, book a cabin amidships (in the middle of the vessel) and on a lower deck so the pitch and roll won’t affect you so much in lively seas. An even more reliable way to ward this off is to take ginger, before and during your cruise. Fresh, candied or in non-alcoholic ginger beer, it’s an effective preventative and cure.
Once you’ve nailed that, you’ll fully enjoy those after-dinner moonlit strolls on deck as the bow gently rises and falls on the Eastern Med or the Caribbean Sea. And as you contemplate the carpet of stars overhead, you’ll marvel at why this unique experience of our planet has until now felt so elusive.
Images by mbarrison and LukeGordon1, used under Creative Commons license
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