Host a Worldwanderlusting Travel Seminar in Your Home

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My wife and I went to Europe for 12 days at a cost of $900.

Brad and I have loved spreading the word about traveling for less.  In fact, we were just visiting about it the other day and Brad came to the conclusion that “WorldWanderlusting has become part of my identity.”  We laughed a bit about it, but then realized that it was true.

Teaching others how to be a WorldWanderluster brings incredible satisfaction.  Believe me, Brad and I don’t make millions from this blog.  In fact, the primary reason that we continue to blog is to share our passion with others.  The world has changed, and very few banks even pay commissions when helping others sign up for credit cards.

Sharing is Caring

Remember the last awesome restaurant that you tried?  Did you go back to work and tell all of your co-workers, or did you keep it to yourself.  More than likely, unless you selfishly didn’t tell them because you didn’t want to wait in line next time you go, you told all of your friends about the wonderful meatballs at the local Italian restaurant.

Life is all about sharing wonderful things with others.  Thanks to Brad I’m an eternal fan of Mountain Dew and Boise State football.  My aunt Teri showed me that the Mariners are the best team in the MLB, and my cousin Jeramie taught me about the Chicago Bulls, Dr. Pepper, and 80’s music.  These individuals showed me the light and helped me to find things that I’m passionate about in life.  Why shouldn’t travel be the same way?

One of my really close friends, Trevor, is responsible for teaching me to love travel.  My first international trip was to visit him in Barcelona, and since then he’s dragged me to Thailand, Costa Rica, and other spots too.  He taught me to love travel, now I turned around and taught him how to do it more often for less money.   This passion for travel that he gave to me has inspired thousands of our readers, in particular: You.

Remember that ‘Whatever goes around comes around.” Just make sure that you give out good things, so other good things can come back to you.  Now is your chance to give back to others when it comes to travel.  We want to invite you to host a WorldWanderlusting seminar in your home.

Twin Falls, Idaho Seminar

Earlier this week Brad did a WorldWanderlusting seminar in Twin Falls.  A devout follower offered their own home as the meeting place, and even facilitated the discussion.  More than 20 people participated in the event, and many were enlightened to the way of free travel.

This gave our follower a chance to really share this wonderful information with her friends and family.  No pressure for anyone, this isn’t a timeshare now! 🙂

Travel resolution

We took our son to Panama for $900.  You can too!

Host a WorldWanderlusting Travel Seminar in Your House

If you’re passionate about WorldWanderlusting, and if you’d like for Brad and I to help facilitate the discussion for a travel seminar in your home, let us know.  In some cases we might be willing to travel to your home and help you to share the ideas with your friends.

We might not be able to make it to Hong Kong by tomorrow or anything, so don’t expect any miracles, but we’re willing to consider the options to figure out how we can try to make it happen.

If we can make it happen, we’ll strive to bring some handouts and make the presentation exciting (how could a presentation about travel be anything but exciting?)  You find the people, set the venue, and we’ll pick the date together and we’ll try to make it happen.

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5 Responses to Host a Worldwanderlusting Travel Seminar in Your Home

  1. Ashley C says:

    I love to share this stuff and would love to host a seminar! I am in Idaho falls.

  2. Nate Ritter says:

    Hi guys,

    I was just thinking about doing this anyway, but if I could have experts like you help, that would be amazing! San Diego, CA would love to have you here. Please feel free to get in touch if/when that’s a possibility.

    • Sheldon says:

      Nate- Dude, this is crazy, but I’m headed to San Diego for work in June. I have a pretty full schedule, but I’ll see if I can sneak away and do a seminar. It would be either the 13th or the 14th. Would either of those days work for you?

      • Nate Ritter says:

        Bummer. That won’t work at our house (visitors), but if you can hang on for a couple days, I can get some feedback from friends to see how many will show up and then I can pick a different venue. Is that ok? Feel free to continue this conversation via email too, if that works better.

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