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10 Ways to Make Travel with Children Easier

Are you one of them? It’s a large group of parents who use their children as the excuse for not traveling. They say it’s impossible. But is it really? Cindy, a dedicated worldwanderluster, took her five children on a cruise … Continue reading

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Reader Question About Getting to Costa Rica

One of my friends sent me an email yesterday about wanting to take his family to Costa Rica.  Who doesn’t want to visit a beautiful country with delicious food? Not sure, because I sure do. Eating casados and spending time … Continue reading

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Embera Indian Tribe

Every young boy remembers the time at elementary school when his friend showed up during library time and showed him a picture of some topless native Americans from the most recent National Geographic.  It brought a whole new meaning to … Continue reading

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Visiting the Panama Canal

For hundreds of years the isthmus of Panama has been used as the quickest way to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Even as far back as the days of the Spanish domination of the New World did they … Continue reading

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Children Afraid of the Water

Our recent trip to Panama was a warm welcome to our freezing temperatures in Idaho.  At one point before the trip there was a 111 degree difference between Idaho and Panama.  Living in Idaho really limits the amount of time … Continue reading

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Panama Canal Transit on Google Earth

As the days count down to my trip to Panama, I’m getting more and more excited about the wonders I’ll find there.  One of the most intriguing sites we’ll visit is of course the Panama Canal.  I’ve been reading a … Continue reading

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Cheap Airfare for Panama Canal Cruise

Today I had a couple in my office talking about wanting to hit up a Panama Canal cruise. The idea of taking a trip is always something that intrigues me, so we spent a moment talking about their desires. They … Continue reading

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