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Can My Stay-at-Home Spouse Apply for a Credit Card Too?

Over the years this question has plagued many of our readers.  Many people wonder whether or not their stay at home spouse can apply for a credit card separately.  The short answer is yes, but continue reading to better understand … Continue reading

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Stop Taking Prozac and Start Traveling: 5 Reasons Why Travelers aren’t Depressed

The daily grind of life is rough.  Even with a great job that you really enjoy, it still sucks.  I’m convinced that the monotony of life is a strong reason for some kinds of depression.  It takes hold of every … Continue reading

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Who are the Bloggers Behind Worldwanderlusting? Part II Sheldon & Family

Last week Brad gave you the low down on his entire family.  Hopefully you enjoyed it and you’re ready to hear about his younger brother. About Sheldon I’m the third of four close brothers.  It was a great spot to … Continue reading

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Who are the WorldWanderlusting Bloggers? Part I: Brad & Family

For months and months, my wife Nicole has insisted that I ought to spend more time on the blog familiarizing our audience with who we are. As she usually is, she was right. Sheldon’s post on our Facebook page about … Continue reading

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Children Afraid of the Water

Our recent trip to Panama was a warm welcome to our freezing temperatures in Idaho.  At one point before the trip there was a 111 degree difference between Idaho and Panama.  Living in Idaho really limits the amount of time … Continue reading

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Why you need to visit Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

I know that many of our readers are from the Idaho/Utah area, so this might sound a little boring to you, but you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of this place. Idaho and the mountain west are … Continue reading

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