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Best of Niagara Falls USA

Although they’re the highlight, there is much more to Niagara Falls than just the falls.  Save them like you would a delicious dessert.  (I know, we’re teasing you with a food lead-in, but it’s just a metaphor and we’ll save … Continue reading

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Visiting the Panama Canal

For hundreds of years the isthmus of Panama has been used as the quickest way to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Even as far back as the days of the Spanish domination of the New World did they … Continue reading

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Panama Canal Transit on Google Earth

As the days count down to my trip to Panama, I’m getting more and more excited about the wonders I’ll find there.  One of the most intriguing sites we’ll visit is of course the Panama Canal.  I’ve been reading a … Continue reading

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Cheap Airfare for Panama Canal Cruise

Today I had a couple in my office talking about wanting to hit up a Panama Canal cruise. The idea of taking a trip is always something that intrigues me, so we spent a moment talking about their desires. They … Continue reading

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Using Chase Ultimate Rewards: Six Roundtrip Tickets to Panama for $261

Any good points-hoarder has a good stash of bank points – travel rewards that can be transferred to other programs OR spent as cash.  For example, the much-extolled Chase Ultimate Rewards program not only lets you transfer to a variety … Continue reading

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Taking My Wife on her First International Trip

Shae and I were married in May of 2008. On Thursday we will celebrate our fourth anniversary together. I always tease her and tell her that they have been four L-O-N-G years, but it is only teasing as these years … Continue reading

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Eight Great Things to do in Panama

I remember it like it was yesterday… it was April of 2008 and we were driving back from Boise.  Sheldon called me up as we were crossing the Arco desert.  “Dude, I ju——————kets to  Panam——————— American Air———-June for $230!!!” Those … Continue reading

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