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How Your Local Zoo Pass Could Save You Tons

My wife and I decided to buckle down this year and get an annual pass to our local zoo.  We live in a small town, which actually has a decent little zoo.  We live less than a mile from away, … Continue reading

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Exciting New Flights From Small Towns Like Idaho Falls

The newspaper is normally full of bad news.  Stories of horrible things that have happened to too many people, people who have died too young, and more divorces than marriages line the pages. However, things were different when I cracked … Continue reading

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How the American Airlines & US Airways Merger Will Benefit You

The deed is done.  American Airlines and US Airways’ merger has been approved by the government, and now it is only a matter of time that US Airways disappears from the map. This is set to create the world’s largest … Continue reading

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Maximizing United Miles to Europe

Two weeks ago I posted about how American Airlines allows for a single stopover when going to Europe.  If you’re the “fat kid underneath the piñata” when it comes to travel, like Brad and I, you’ll be stoked to hear this … Continue reading

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Five Nights in Vegas with Starwood Preferred Guest

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? The lights, buffets, shows, and heat keep me going back time and time again.  The only thing better than visiting Las Vegas, would be to do it for free.  You heard me right, free.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Canceling a Credit Card is like Breaking up with a Girlfriend

Apologies to those local followers who couldn’t attend our last-minute WorldWanderlusting BBQ last night to celebrate good times, discuss our strategies, and dream about our next vacations and how we’re going to get there.  The next time we put one … Continue reading

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Shae’s July App-O-Rama 145,000 Points And Miles

Most of you already know by now, but my wife delivered a beautiful baby girl on Thursday of last week.  Little Macie has made a splash in our lives, and we’re so excited to welcome her to the clan.  Pictures … Continue reading

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