I Want to Fly to Orlando for Free

We had a great seminar with some of our WorldWanderlusting followers last night and sometimes I’m afraid we make all of this far more complicated than it must be.  The simple question? How do I get to Orlando for free?  The answer?  Here you go.


“We found a screaming cheap cruise out of Port Canaveral (Orlando) in January – how can we get to Orlando for free?”

When people want free things, I see them as greedy.  When people want free travel, I see them as brilliant.

Here it is, this simple:


Get the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express. Spend $1000 in the next 3 months. Get 30k Delta Skymiles. Book your trip with 25k and save 5k for your next flight. (Annual fee of $95 waived the first year).

Don’t want to spend $1000 in the next three months or need them sooner?

Get the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®. Make your first purchase. Get 30k US Air miles.  Book your trip with 20k and save 10k for your next flight. (You will have to pay the $89 annual fee – a small price to pay for a free flight). If you have underdeveloped credit, there’s a chance they could approve you for a different card with fewer rewards – but you could also call the reconsideration line and ask for approval for the better offer.

Don’t want to pay the annual fee, or prefer to fly on planes that have in-flight TVs?

Get the The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard®. Earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $500 in purchases in the first 90 days (The $69 annual fee is applied on this one as well).  If you have underdeveloped credit, there’s a chance they could approve you for a different card with fewer rewards – but you could also call the reconsideration line and ask for approval for the better offer.

Don’t like all the possibility of getting denied the richer offer?

United has a great frequent flyer program with lots of availability: Mileage Plus.  You need to take a look at the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

Worried it will hurt your credit? Read this.

Well, what other opportunities like that are there? Try this page.

Congratulations, you’re wanderlusting with us!

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6 Responses to I Want to Fly to Orlando for Free

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  2. Judd says:

    Suck….I am ticked I missed it. I honestly just forgot. Any others coming up in the near future? My wife and I both got the Delta cards and just waiting for the miles. Tough decision is how to use them. So many places we want to see. My question for you experienced traveling wanderlusters is how do you decide where to go?Simple question I know but I think that it is almost harder to decide the vacation than getting the miles.

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  4. Grado says:

    Throw a bean on a map and see where it lands! Isn’t it great to have so many options? Depending on where you live (I’m LAX based), China is unbelievable. Cruises to the Holy Land are breathtaking. Savor your choices. Half the fun is in the planning :). Jan G

  5. Clarissa says:

    I have about 200K Delta FF miles, but I’ve always heard it’s a wast of points to use them on domestic travel. Do you guys agree? Is it a better “bang for your buck” to use points for international travel?

    • bradleyjai says:

      Hey Clarissa- Thanks for asking. I think the value of your points depends on what you would pay in cash otherwise. I’d never redeem 25k Skymiles for a ticket that I would otherwise pay only $200 for. I think a good benchmark is that you get 2:1 value – so your 25k points get you a flight that you’d otherwise pay $500 for. If tickets from where you live to FL cost $500 at the time you want to go and could use Skymiles instead, good value.

      But, yes, it’s more likely that you’ll get better value using them other ways. I always like to use miles at the lowest redemption level. At 35k you could get to Central America or the Caribbean. Those are flights that are usually way more than $700. I used my Delta flights to go to Honduras and then went over to Roatan – great value, amazing place.

      At 60k you could get to Europe – equivalent to United, but more “points-expensive” than American. For 70k you could get to China or the Philippines.

      I think it just depends on what you want to do. You can look at Delta’s award chart here: http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/skymiles/use-miles/award-travel/airlines-and-mileage-charts/travel-from-the-u-s-canada.html

      Thanks for wanderlusting with us!

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