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3 Easy Ways to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Checking you credit score historically has been tough.  Without paying $30/month for some lame subscription it used to be impossible.  Now there are 3 easy ways for you to check your credit score for free! 1. Check Your Credit Score … Continue reading

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Why I pay credit card annual fees with a smile….sometimes

Back in February I was faced with a series of decisions.  Five credit cards were sitting in my wallet and every single one of them was due for an annual fee.  This was the big app-o-rama that I did last … Continue reading

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See Your Transunion FICO Credit Score with Barclaycard Arrival

Rock on!  Barclaycard is starting a new benefit for all Barclaycard Arrival(TM) World MasterCard® – Earn 2x on All Purchases cardholders.  You will now have access to your TransUnion FICO score for FREE. Yet another reason to put The Arrival … Continue reading

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How does an App O Rama Affect Your Credit score

You probably shipped your pants the day you heard that I had applied for five credit cards in one day.  You probably order the undertaker to lower my credit score down to below 100 (which isn’t even possible). Your heart … Continue reading

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I Don’t Care How Much Interest Credit Cards Charge

These are all things I don’t have the slightest care about: What the royal couple named their baby. Who the bachelorette picked, or what new drama surfaced this week. How much the interest credit cards I’m applying for charge. The … Continue reading

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Keeping a Good Credit Score

Credit for most people feels like a mystical world that nobody understands.  Most people have very little understanding of what their score is and how it works.  After studying this topic for the last couple of years I’ve come to … Continue reading

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Why we love your comments

It is crazy to think that Brad and I started writing on this blog over nine months ago.  We’ve spend hours and hours doing our best to share the travel secrets with our readers.  Hopefully our secrets have benefitted you … Continue reading

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