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You Don’t Accept Credit Cards…Are You Sure?

If you’re a true world wanderluster, it has happened to you.  You’re shameless at asking, and have no fear taking your business elsewhere when they tell you no.  You make the call, and after finding that the price is reasonable … Continue reading

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Credit Card Reconsideration

There is something about applying for a credit card that is a bit like asking a cute girl on a date.  You’ve got that moment of anxiety as you prepare yourself with the speech that you and your friends thought … Continue reading

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Use Twitter for Travel Customer Service

Who hasn’t called a “Customer Service” line only to wait for 20 mins on hold?  Finally when the attendant answers the phone, usually their English isn’t perfect and they are hard to understand because of their accent.  You then proceed … Continue reading

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My First App O Rama

Now that I’ve been following the points and miles train for three years I’m feeling pretty confident about how it all works.  I’ve watched many people pull off these ‘crazy’ App O Rama’s where they apply for multiple credit cards … Continue reading

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Keeping a Good Credit Score

Credit for most people feels like a mystical world that nobody understands.  Most people have very little understanding of what their score is and how it works.  After studying this topic for the last couple of years I’ve come to … Continue reading

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How to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements

When I applied for my first credit card to acquire points and miles I was worried about meeting a $1500 spending limit and I had six months to do it.  Soon I learned that almost anything can be put on … Continue reading

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Fidelity 100,000 Miles Offer

Update: You can only get 50,000 miles per year.  The 100,000 deal is dead.  Oh well, you can still pick up an easy 50K without pulling your credit. This doesn’t require applying for a credit card, which is nice, but … Continue reading

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