3 Easy Ways to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Checking you credit score historically has been tough.  Without paying $30/month for some lame subscription it used to be impossible.  Now there are 3 easy ways for you to check your credit score for free!

1. Check Your Credit Score With Credit Sesame

These guys are awesome.  I’ve subscribed to their service for about four years now.   Their phone app is how I usually access their site, but its services are limited.  With their website you can really unleash the power of this awesome site.  You can find it by clicking Get your free Credit Score and More.

This company gives you a very close estimate of  your Experian credit score.  If you subscribe to the free service, (Which is what I’m recommending.  When do I ever recommend that you pay for anything?) these are a few of the benefits that you’ll receive:

  • Free monthly credit report
  • Free monitoring of your credit report, plus they’ll send you any alerts
  • Free 50k worth of identity theft protection

They try to make money by recommending a refinance, new credit card, or upsell you on their “premium” service plans.  I just ignore all of that stuff and smile about how I’m seeing my score for free.

This site helps you keep track of your credit score, gives you free credit alerts, and a bit of identity theft protection.  It’s not a bad deal at all.  If you don’t subscribe to the service now, you probably will after checking it out.

2. Check Your Credit Score With Credit Karma

check your credit scoreI first learned about these guys after I had discovered CreditSesame.  I thought I had died and gone to Hugh Hefners House when I found Credit Sesame, but Credit Karma was another level.  The services and education offered by Credit Karma is far superior.

This is an imitation of your TransUnion credit score.  These guys give you a full blown report card that give you the answers to the test before you even begin.  This makes passing the test (or having a good credit score) as easy as can be.  It will help you to understand where your credit score comes from and how you can make it even better.  Check it out:

check credit score

Yay! No Derogatory Remarks

Bring a report card like this home to your spouse, and you might get some love!  You can see what it takes to score an A credit limit for each category upon which your credit score is based.  They break down your score into six categories:

  • Credit Card Utilization
  • Payment History
  • Derogatory Remarks
  • Age of Credit History
  • Total Accounts
  • Credit Inquiries

They also busted out a new feature when I logged in today that allows for you to see most of the information on your credit history so you don’t have to spend an hour requesting a fresh copy.

3.  Check Your Credit Score With Your BarclayCard

check your credit scoreWe posted about this a long time ago now that you can see your credit score with any Barclaycard credit card. A few of the Barclaycard credit cards that we really like are:

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®
Barclaycard Arrival Plus World MasterCard®
The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card
The Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®

This feature also mimics your TransUnion credit score as well.  They use an older method to calculate the estimated score, and becuase they are both estimates sometime you’ll see that they don’t match exactly, but they’re usually pretty close.

These guys don’t provide the report card, the basis for the score or basically anything other than the score itself, so this one probably isn’t the most useful service in the bunch.


Check out these 3 FREE services that allow you to check your credit score.  What do you think of these services?  Do you like them?  Do you know of other similar services?

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1 Response to 3 Easy Ways to Check Your Credit Score for Free

  1. Brady says:

    I use both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma as well for a good estimate of both my Experian and TransUnion scores. Another great thing about Credit Karma is that they update your score every week whereas Credit Sesame only updates it once a month with their free service. We have an old Discover Card and they have started giving us our TransUnion score each month as well.

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