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You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar

In life it seems like it is so easy to grab someone by the throat and yell at them when they don’t tell you what you’d like to hear.  Frankly this is the best option in rare scenarios, but sometimes … Continue reading

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7 Key Tricks to Get the Most out of Skymiles

Reader Question: I am excited about the possibility of free travel. I have some questions maybe you can help me out with. I have a true passion for travel and am always searching for the cheapest way to travel and … Continue reading

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Frontier Airlines- The Ugly Stepchild?

Delta, American, United, Southwest, and JetBlue are all common names in airliners, but Frontier Airlines is one that is commonly overlooked.   Because of this some people might refer to them as the ugly stepchild.  However, you should probably give … Continue reading

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New Better Delta Offering

Delta and American express have just upped the ante on their American Express Delta Gold card. The minimum spending requirement has also increased. They now are offering 45,000 Skymiles as the bonus as long as you can spend $3000 within … Continue reading

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Upgraded to Delta Skymiles Platinum Card

I’m coming full circle in my immersion into the credit card world.  I’ve had a couple experiences with attempting to cancel a card to avoid paying an annual fee, and had great outcomes so far. In my attempt to cancel … Continue reading

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Delta $400 Vouchers – Burning a hole in my pocket

I’ve told you about The Bump… how taking a small inconvenience on a flight can lead to piles and piles of free or very near free airline flights.  In March of this year, somehow I stumbled into a situation that resulted … Continue reading

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TD Ameritrade Miles Offers

TD Ameritrade Special Offers I know that I highlighted one of these offers earlier, but I recently stumbled upon the other offers, so I figured I would share them with you. It looks like they are willing to part with … Continue reading

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