TD Ameritrade Miles Offers

TD Ameritrade Special Offers

I know that I highlighted one of these offers earlier, but I recently stumbled upon the other offers, so I figured I would share them with you. It looks like they are willing to part with about 25,000 miles with almost any carrier.

TD Ameritrade Delta Offer
Delta is the US’ largest carrier (I believe).  Since they acquired Northwest they have hubs all across the nation.  Their Skymiles are sometimes referred to as Skypesos as they sometimes don’t have a high value, but they still get you places.

TD Ameritrade United Offer
United is going to be merging with Continental very soon.  They are still working to get all of their programs on the same page. Their Mileage Plus program is great for going to Southeast Asia.

TD Ameritrade Starwood Offer
Remember that 20,000 Starpoints can be transferred to any airline and they will bonus you an additional 5000 bonus Starpoints as well. This means that you could theoretically change these to AAdvantage miles with American Airlines. Depending on which hotels you pick this could last you up to maximum of 10 nights in hotels across the world.

TD Ameritrade US Airways Offer
US Airways has hubs in Phoenix and Philadelphia. They are a member of the Star Alliance team.

TD Ameritrade Amtrak Offer
This will get you some Amtrak points that will help you to take trains all across America. I’ve personally never ridden on a train in the US, but I’m sure it would be great.

TD Ameritrade Continental Offer
I know that Continental is going to be merging with United soon, but it looks like this offer is still going on. Maybe you can even open two of these accounts.

I’m already partaking of the Starwood offer listed above.  I have half of the points and it is great.  I know that I’d never make any interest anywhere else, plus this allows me to trade with the funds.  Hopefully that will result in a better increase than .0000001% that I could be making otherwise at the nearest bank.

I’m almost sure that if you have an existing account you could simply add new money to the account(call first to ask for the offer) and they might even give it to you on an account that you already have.  I only say this because after I set up my account they asked me if I would like to add these funds to an existing account that I already had.

There are quite a few terms and conditions to earn the points, but it all adds up. You can deposit $2500 that might be sitting around in your account, make some trades with the cash to make it grow and score some miles at the same time.

Half of the miles will be deposited into your account after about two weeks and the other amount will be deposited after about six months. You must keep the money in the account for a full nine months or they can charge you a pro rated amount for the points if the funds don’t stay in the account. will help you to track the amount in your TD Ameritrade account.

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