The Best Way to Rent with a Car Rental Coupon

Picking up a rental car can be a nightmare.  It is one of the least favorite parts of travel for me.  It just sucks waiting forever filling out the paperwork.  It also feels confusing searching for some kind of discount (something I almost always do).  You type in car rental discount and it usually sends you to some website that spams the crap out of you and eventually gives you an expired car rental coupon.  Fail!

At our objective always has been to help you take more vacations more often than most people you know.  We want to do this by showing you tricks that will help you lower the cost of your vacation, so saving up for the next one is easier and faster than the last.

Booking a Rental Car with


This is their website

These guys are awesome.  They take all of the guesswork out of finding the best deal on a rental car.  The process is super simple.

car rental

1. Pick your dates and location- You need to fill out the information in the box just like you would use when you book your rental car with Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, or whoever you are currently using.

If you need help with this section please ask your great-grandson who is 4 and he would be more than willing to help.


Best car rental

2.  Pick your Car- Find out which car is going to be the best for whatever you’re looking for.   In my case I needed a car that was at least full sized.  I’ve got two kids who need strollers, carseats, luggage, diapers, pack & play, etc.

This matrix is going to look really familiar because it is the same one that is used by all car rental agencies.

Fortunately for me automatically found a car rental coupon for me that they had added into the equation.  You can see the word “Discounted” explaining that CarRentalSavers has done the work to go out and find a coupon for exactly what I was looking for.

The biggest bonus for me was the fact that the Full Size vehicle was CHEAPER than the Economy.  Believe me, last year I rented a Economy and they gave me a Fiat 500, which was smaller than a Geo Metro.

3.  Confirm the price- This is where you see that they’ve done the homework and discovered that I was eligible for a discounted rate where I could save $25.  This is fantastic because I didn’t even have to spend time looking for an expired coupon while I filled up my computer spam for the next 4 months.

Car Rental Coupon

4. Give them your info-  Now you just input the rest of the missing information in the form to book the car.  NO credit card is needed to hold your reservation.

Some websites try to force you to pay for the car today, but not  They require you to input the information and the car rental company collects the money when you arrive at the counter.  If you choose to take a bump on the way to your destination you can easily rebook another car rental instead of being stressed about getting there for the reservation for which you’ve already paid!

car rental form














But is CarRentalSavers Cheaper?

Yeah baby!  Here is a quick look for the exact same days and location on Hotwire (who makes you pay at the time of booking).

hotwire car rental

Ouch! Hotwire wants $52.19 more for the exact same product than what I was able to find at  That is nearly 30% more expensive than using a car rental coupon from


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