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We’ve been blogging for several years now and we love the following we have cultivated. Over the years we have made all kinds of friends, taken more than our fair share of almost-free trips, and swapped stories with readers. Talking about it is almost as cool as doing it.

Some time ago we compiled the gist of the WorldWanderlusting strategy into a 15-page eBook.  It’s something that is pretty exhaustive in terms of the instruction it offers, yet, you could read it easily in 10 minutes. As a case study we offered the simple instructions on how to get to Costa Rica for $69, but essentially it is a guide to the entire process – taking you from a frequent flyer mile newbie to an expert in very little time.

We have done the research and we know the ins and outs of the various systems.  If you’ve been following for a while, you probably do, too. But no matter what I think that you’ll find the brief guide informative and useful.

You can download the eBook for free and all we’re asking for in return is your email address.  We won’t hound you or sell your information, we just want to be able to reach out to you when we find incredible opportunities we don’t think you’ll want to pass up.

So if you are ready to download the WorldWanderlusting eBook, please visit this page and enter your email.

Download the WorldWanderlusting eBook

Travel Consulting Packages

Also, over the years we have found that as much as we try to educate people about the system – to teach them the ropes – there are many who just aren’t interested or available to spend the time to learn it.

For those people, we’re offering our expertise in helping book almost-free travel. We developed a four-tier model that varies in price and level of service. If you just want help with something simple, we’re ready to help. If what you’re putting together is a little more complex, we’re still making ourselves available.

There are so many ways we have facilitated other people’s mega-inexpensive travel – I just helped one of our customers book a 6-person family trip to Akumal, Mexico for less than $1000! Without our help they would have easily spent more than $4000.  It’s just shocking what a little knowledge about booking efficiencies and searching out the right combinations will equate to.

I could go on and on about it, but you’re best off to just visit the page yourself and see some of the examples about how we’ve helped others book the same kind of incredibly cheap vacations.  Whether you are looking for a couples getaway, or a family adventure, let us help you do it for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay.

WorldWanderlusting Travel Consulting

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Score any IHG Hotel for $49 EVERY Year

You’ve done it before.  You’ve skimped on the hotel room and purchased a room at the local Howard Johnson Inn for $49.  You were too cheap to rent the Holiday Inn Express down the road for $89.  The minute you open the door to the room regret fills your soul.  You stare at the bedspread that was first placed on the bed in 1989.  The bathroom has more mold in the corners than the block of cheese that’s been in the fridge for 6 months.

Don’t let yourself be caught in this trap.  Sleeping in your clothes isn’t going to produce the best night’s sleep.  You need to find a way to save on your hotel stays to make you feel more justified in picking the nicer hotels. Follow our blog to learn about saving on your nights in a hotel!

ihg hotel for $49

IHG Rewards Credit Card

Today you’re going to learn how awesome the IHG Rewards Card is, and why you need to get this card, and keep it forever.

Link: IHG Rewards Credit Card

Chase issues this credit card (like the majority of the best travel credit cards).  This thing has made a way to the “permanent” spot in my portfolio.  Here are some of the benefits of this card.

  • 70,000 Bonus Points after spending $1000 on purchases within the first 3 months.  This is an increase from the 60,000 they used to offer.
  • Platinum Elite Status (This is their highest tier) This doesn’t usually mean too much, but sometimes they’ll upgrade your room to a suite, provide some snacks, or just tell you how cool you are.
  • Free Night- Every year (after the first year) they’ll provide a free night at ANY IHG hotel.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 10% back on all points redemptions

Using the 70,000 Points

Thanks to Loyalty Lobby, who is a fellow blogger that focuses on hotel points.  He has listed all IHG properties with their required number of points per night.  Check out his hard work here.

Their properties range from 10,000 points per night on up to 40,000 points per night.  Ideally you can use the points on hotels that only charge 10,000 points per night, but they are hard to find.  Realistically you’ll be using about 20,000 points per night, which gives you between 7-4 free nights the first year.

You also have to remember how sweet it is when you can book a PointBreak hotel too.  Read more about the PointBreak hotels here.

Using the Free Night Certificate

Last year I used this benefit to pay for a hotel in Cedar City, UT.  The hotel normally would have cost around $120, so it saved me over 50% on the hotel.  I was satisfied that it had saved me so much, while also providing a delicious cinnamon roll in the morning after we awoke.

This year I decided to go much bigger.  I wanted to get a better value for my $49, which is something I seek to do on a daily basis.  Brad and I laugh about finding what we call “menu inefficiencies.”  This is when you search the menu high and low, not for what you actually want, but for whatever provides the best value.  Some people call it a sickness, I call it saving money.

Paris Le Grand Intercontinental

I’ve had this card for over two years now.  I was just charged a $49 annual fee, but I paid it with a smirk.  One of those smirks where you know you got the better end of the deal.

This hotel looks ridiculous.  It is opulent beyond any room in which I’ve ever stayed.  The hotel is right close to the Paris Opera House, and just a few blocks from the famous Louvre.Paris Guest Room

Yes, it was a good day when I booked a single night at the Paris Le Grand Intercontinental hotel for $49.  You normally can’t find this place for under $300 per night.  Paying 1/6th the cost of the hotel room is freaking awesome.

Fortunately it is across the street from the Park Hyatt Vendome, which will house us for two nights on our upcoming trip to Paris.  Staying three nights right in the action would easily cost us $1000.  Instead I chose to pay $49.  You should do so too!  Pick up this card today and start planning your next vacation.

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France for the new wanderer!

Hi everyone,

My name is Heidi and I am the intern for World Wanderlusting, and let me tell you how amazing this really is. I have study, searched, and discovered so many ways I can travel, not when I retire, but immediately with these guys’ help. I recently planned my trip to France and I am going to break it down for you so you can see how you can go to France for $510.Flight To

First off, lets look at getting to and From France. I will be flying into CDG in Paris and am booked to stay from April 19 to May 4.  I am going to use my Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select in order to gain 50,000 miles and then only have to pay my taxes which is $90.20 round trip! I used 40,000 miles out of my 50,000 to pay forBedroom flying in and out of Paris! How amazing! Now since this is my first time traveling to France I did decided to go big and spoil myself by using my Hyatt rewards and getting a two free nights in the Park Hyatt in Paris. 


After words I am going to stay in Auberge De la Baie for the night and then the following day go visit the breath-taking Mont St. Michel and spend a day or two perusing through the castle and all the nearby cities.

Some other cities and towns I will visit will be as follows:

  1. Chateau De Chambord:

  2. Lyon:

  3. Avignon
  4. Palais Ideal do Facteur Cheval:
  5. Arles
  6. Ventabren:
  7. Marseille:
  8. Paris:

Through Booking with Air BnB and my hotel cards I will only spend $420 on Hotels and $90 on Airfare! I can travel to France for $510!  What an amazing deal for two weeks in France. I cannot wait to do this trip. Where do you want to wanderlust? Let’s Help you get there and not when you retire, today.



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10 Enchanting Irish Vacation Homes on

I booked our $53 flights to Ireland about a month ago, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past 30 days just daydreaming about the amazing places we will visit.  If you’re new to our blog and your jaw is still on the floor from the $53 flight statement, let me back up and tell you how that worked.

The flights cost me 40k AA miles and $53 each. I’ve accumulated a pretty good chunk of American Airlines miles over the past 4 years – something like 550,000 of them – not because I’ve flown a ton, but because I’ve been smart about finding and taking advantage of credit card travel reward offers. There have been some great ones over the years, and right now there’s an incredibly easy way to earn 100k American Airlines AAdvantage miles… but you came here to hear about Ireland, so let’s get on with it.

First off, I want to tell you how I’ve started plotting out my loop journey to see all the highlights of Ireland.  From now on, this is the only way I’ll plan trips because it makes it so easy to know where we need to stay and how much time we need to allocate.Ireland with stars

On Google Maps, there’s a great little function that I had never before used.  When searching for any particular location, there’s generally an option to “save” it on my map (while I’m logged in). It’s simply a way to save the places you have an affinity for, and it leaves a brilliant little star on your map.  I marked out all the sites I knew I couldn’t miss – the Giant’s Causeway, the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, the Blarney stone, the Cliffs of Moher, a church that my ancestors were married in, a place where Nicole can ride horses and jump over stone walls… and so much more.

Knowing where I have stops to make, I can begin to locate places to stay as we make a road trip around Ireland in our $8.66/day rental car. Yes, I am  bragging… some people like to brag about how much they pay for things.  On this blog, Sheldon and I like to brag about how little we pay for things. :)

Ok, on to those amazing places to stay. is precisely how you give yourself an authentic travel experience.  I’m sure you’ve been somewhere and thought, “I’d just really like to know what life is like for someone who lives here,” or, “I wish we had a friend who could tell us more about this place.” Well, that’s exactly what does for you… and did I mention it also tends to be a super affordable way to stay, too?

We’ll start with the most incredible one I could find, and we’ll end with the one that is my favorite.  I’ll include a picture of each, but you really need to go to the site and see for yourselves.

  1. Live like a king in Peter’s castle – Peter is a stonemason who restored this castle outside Galway to its present glory. He rents out the top floor of this amazing piece of history for just $147/night (prices vary).  I don’t know about you, but I’d go to Ireland for this in and of itself.

    Live like a king in Peter’s Castle

  2. Superb Historic Coach House -Meld luxurious comfort with the raw beauty of an ancient home and you have the makings of this home. And the garden is just as great. You’d have almost no reason to ever leave the property.


    Superb Historic Coach House

  3. Charming Cottage – This place has a sun room to die for… to say nothing of the quaint exterior, that I’d probably spend the better part of a day trying to photograph to capture just how beautiful it is.

    Charming Cottage

    Charming Cottage

  4. Prehen Coach House – You were after authentic, right?  How about waking up in the old hayloft of the Prehen Coach House?  This place screams authenticity – it looks like an idyllic place to stay.


    Prehen Coach House

  5. Castlebawn – an Island Castle in Scariff Bay – You liked the castle idea? What if you combined it with a private island, appointed it with kingly furniture and decoration, and offered it up for $111/night? The only slight catch is that you have to hire a boat to take you out there… I think that’s a problem I can resolve.


    Castlebawn – an island castle in Scariff Bay

  6. Renovated Farm House – This place has four bedrooms – a palace for you and your family… and you’ll want to bring your family because trails in the wood like this are just meant for discovering.

    The woods near the Renovated Farm House

    The woods near the Renovated Farm House

  7. The Enchanting Mill Cottage – If I could huddle around a beautiful stove like this, I’d almost hope for a chilly rain so we didn’t feel like we needed to leave.  This is an old mill that’s been converted to a home for WorldWanderlusters like you.


    Enchanting Mill Cottage

  8. Irish Log Cabin – Think “log cabin…” cool, right? Now put it in Ireland… even freaking better.  How would you like to spend some time in this place, surrounded by Ireland’s fifty shades of green.

    Irish Log Cabin

    Irish Log Cabin

  9. Restored 200 year-old Church – Wait, like, you can sleep in the church?  Yes, that’s what I’m telling you. This place is freaking beautiful, too.  It’s clean and elegant… just a fantastic experience to give yourself… and I’m not even joking in saying that it’s ~$111/night.

    Restored 200 year-old church

    Restored 200 year-old church

  10. Thatched Seaview Cottage- At $227/night (for the dates I looked at), this is one of the pricier options, but let’s keep in mind that you could have 10 people in this home… and every single one of them would be off their rocker with just how amazingly cool it is. If you think it looks awesome, check out the listing to see the inside!

    Thatched Seaview Cottage

    Are you excited? I can tell you that I am… April can’t come soon enough for me. Please comment and tell us which is your favorite, or let us know if there’s one we missed.  Have you ever used Airbnb?  What was your experience?

Get $25 off your first Airbnb booking with this link.

Thanks for wanderlusting with us!

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The Hotel Booking Tool You’ve All Been Waiting For…

It isn’t everyday that you find a new tool that you’ve dreamed about.  Especially a tool that does exactly what you want. It’s kinda like the service that would deliver my 32 oz fountain Mountain Dew every morning at 10:00AM sharp.  Even when you find this invention, you usually imagine that it would be rather expensive.  Not today my friends.  I’ve got good news.  I found the hotel booking tool that has been in my dreams for years.

Hotel Booking Tool of Your Dreams

I keep pinching myself as I write this post, but the dream doesn’t seem to end.  It’s a reality!  Check out the website

hotel booking tool

Yes. I’ve finally found the hotel booking tool I needed!

This site has dang near everything you need when booking hotels for your upcoming trip.  Let’s review some of the features of this website that you’ll definitely use when trying to book your next trip.

Pick the Hotel Chains

hotel award stayDon’t have any Hyatt or Best Western points?  Dang.  It eliminates them from your options, but at least you don’t have to sort through all their hotels on this site.  You can simply check or uncheck the hotel chains with whom you have points.  That way you know you’re just seeing the hotels that you could potentially use for your upcoming trip.

Don’t have enough points with these programs?  Time to get on it.  Who knows when you’ll need to use Hilton, Hyatt or Starwood on your next trip!

Pick the Points Range

Hotel Point Range

Use this tool to eliminate the hotels that require too little points.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a cheap-A. The rich guys don’t care about points, or saving money.  Just the cheap guys like Brad and I.  We’re not only cheap with our money, but we’re cheap on our points too.  You can use this slider tool to eliminate the hotels that require too many of your precious points, which will make your points last longer and save you more money.

List of HotelsHere is the list of hotels

Check out the list of hotels filling the right hand side of the page.  These are links directly to the websites so you can book the hotel when you find the one that you like.

I’m spotting this Sleep Inn – Salt Lake City which only requires 8000 Choice Privileges points per night, has a free hot breakfast, and offers the park and fly benefits that save me $9 per day parking fees at the dang airport.  Living 3 hours from the nearest large airport definitely has its downsides.  Being gone for 8 days and paying $9 per day is a giant $72 ripoff.  I’d rather burn a few points at the Comfort Inn, eat a nice breakfast, and take a shuttle right to the doors of the airport.

Handy, Dandy Map

AwardMapper MapThe map is valuable too as it makes sure you know how far the hotels are from the sights you want to see.  Depending on the city, it may be worth staying a small distance from the things you want to see in an effort to make your points last longer.

The perfect example is Salt Lake City.  The highways are big, and staying a few minutes from downtown is NO problem.  Most hotels outside of the downtown area offer free parking (while many of the downtown hotels make you pay more points per night, and parking fees-Yuck).  However, staying outside of San Francisco might not be the best idea as it takes forever to get downtown and you’d burn up the entire trip commuting to the downtown area.

Is this the best point hotel booking tool or what?

Have you seen this site before?  Do you agree that it is a HUGE help when trying to find hotels for your next upcoming trip?  What other sites do you use when trying to book your hotels using the points you’ve acquired?

If you liked this tool for booking hotels, then you’ll love that has some similar features to use when booking airline tickets with points.

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I Think This is the BEST Airline Credit Card……Do You Agree?

Sometimes choosing the best of anything can be difficult.  When people often ask about my favorite place I’ve ever visited, or my favorite trip, and I avoid the question by explaining that I have a favorite beach, waterfall, culinary trip, or something else. Other times choosing the best is easy.  When someone asks my which Airline credit card is the BEST, I can answer with confidence it is the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage.  This card is a beautiful thing, check out why I feel this way.

best airline travel credit card

This is it. Check it out!

Best Airline Credit Card Benefits

This card comes with a few incredible benefits that I love.  Let me know what you think of these bennies.

$95 Annual fee is waived the first year

Yes.  Paying annual fees is a bummer, and waters down the value of the card.  Plus these guys usually will waive the annual fee when you call up at the end of the year.

50,000 Bonus AAdvantage miles

Check out their award chart.  You’ll quickly see that their program has some sweet spots when traveling to Central America or to Europe in the offseason.  These awards are much lower than their competitors. This is one of the many reasons that makes this card the BEST airine award credit card.


American Airlines Award Availability

If you’ve ever tried booking an award ticket with US Airways, or Delta, you already know that points can be dang near worthless.  Not the case here with American.  American has some of the best availability to use the miles, which means that you actually get to use the miles. Sweet!

checked bag

Photo courtesy of

Free checked bags

Checking bags these days can get expensive!  Seriously they want $50 for a round trip bag, yuck!  This card offers a free checked bag for up to four total people on your itinerary.  This should be enough for most families, even if they have more people. You should just carry-on a few smaller bags to make up the difference.

10% of Your Redeemed Miles Come Back to You

I had read about this benefit, but hadn’t even paid attention to how it actually works until last week.  It was the reason that inspired me to write this post!  I recently booked a trip to Europe for the wife and I, which is going to be awesome!  The normal guy booking my exact same trip would have paid 80,000 miles for booking this trip, but not me!

I used the 80,000 miles to book the trip, but having this card allowed 8000 miles to back into my account, only really costing me 72,000 miles.  Sweet!  They say this benefit may take up to two months, but it happened almost instantaneously for me.  When booking a big trip it really is worth making sure this card is still in your arsenal.

Citi AA Reduced Mileage Awards

This benefit is another way to stretch the 50,000 miles, and it’s easy peazzy lemon squeezie to book.  First you check out what destinations are on the list. Then you choose one of these places that you’ve always wanted to visit Jackson Hole for some fresh powder skiing.  Find the location:

Jackson Hole

Then you cruise to the AA website to find the SAAver Award for the dates that work, pray for tons of powder to fall from Heaven, then call the AAdvantage Award desk to book the flight.  You might even get a customer service rep who helps you find the dates.

This can save you 7,500 AAdvantage miles round trip!  That drops your price from 25,000 miles to 17,500 for a roundtrip ticket within the USA.  You can’t even get that with Southwest most times!

They even have some warm weather destinations for those who are sick of the cold.

best airline credit card

You can get this bonus every 18 months

Per the terms and conditions:

Citi AAdvantage Select

I haven’t tried lately, but this hasn’t been a big deal in the past with an opened account. They’ve usually allowed me to get this bonus again and again. Hopefully they don’t clamp down on this anytime soon. Make sure you have the card open when you need to book the trip so you can get the 10% of your miles back in your pocket again.

Do you think this is the BEST Airline Award Credit Card?

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree that this is the best airline award credit card? What features do you like about this card most?  If you have another card that you like more, what do you like about that airline card?

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The Travel Rewards Combo That Will Give You 100k Miles!

Peanut butter and chocolate.  Pineapple and the grill.  Oreos and milk. Bread and cheese. Apple pie and ice cream. These are all things that are good individually, but even better in a combo.  As you might imagine, it’s no different in the world of frequent flyer mile credit cards.  I’m going to tell you about the best combo in all of almost-free travel-dom.  Are you ready?

Here it comes:

  1. Citi Platinum Select American AAdvantage, and
  2. Barclays US Airways World Mastercard

Why these two? And why together? Because they complement one another, of course… no different from the way the salty peanut butter just perfectly connects with the sweet chocolate.

The Citi Platinum Select card waives the $95 annual fee for the first year, but a $2000 minimum spending requirement. The Barclays US Airways card has no minimum spending requirement, but does charge the $89 annual fee the first year.

Wait, it’s about to get even better.  Both offer a bonus of 50k miles for a total of 100k.  Where US Airways is merging with AA, they will soon be the very same program.  If that weren’t enough, the program, American AAdvantage, is hands-down the most efficient of all the major carriers – offering the most availablility for the lowest point amounts.  We are talking Hawaii for 35k, most of Central and South America for 30k, and Europe for 40k!

And with the special feature of the Citi Platinum Select card’s handy little 10% point-kickback benefit, you can go ahead and shave 10% more off those already low rates.  That really means your flights to Europe are about 36k miles each.  Yes, these two cards alone are almost enough to get three round-trip flights to Europe.  Take it from me, having just booked two 36k mile flights to Ireland.

There’s more.  I can’t make any promises, but as a general rule, Barclays wants to check your Transunion credit score while Citi generally pulls from Experian or Equifax.  This means you’re not compounding any effect on your credit score by applying for both.

We’re going to keep going.  Of course it’s also nice to have both a Visa and a Mastercard at the ready, to say nothing of the free first checked bag on both US Airways and American Airlines. Oh, and how about Reduced Mileage Awards (saving 7500 points on some flights) with American. We’re starting to get trivial, now, but there’s even savings on in-flight purchases.

It’s just clear as day.  There’s no better combination of travel reward cards available than these two together.  Just about every other day I’m helping people see what amazing opportunities their American miles will bring them.  I hope you’re filling your pockets with them, because I just can’t see this going on forever.  At some point the merger will be complete and it won’t make sense to run two different credit card loyalty programs, but for now, we have to take AAdvantage.

The best way to compound your mile-accumulation is, of course, to get both of these cards for you and your spouse.  With 200k AAdvantage miles, you’ll run out of vacation time long before you run out of almost-free travel. In the past four years, we have used AA miles to go to Colombia, Hawaii, Italy, and soon to Ireland. I lick my chops for whatever opportunity I can get to accumulate more.

Just to offer you a little taste… I’ve been planning our trip to Ireland and I want to show you some of the things we anticipate seeing.


Rock of Cashel


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge


The Barbican Gate at Tollymore Forest


Giants Causeway

As always, thanks for wanderlusting with us.  Please tell us where your American AAdvantage miles are taking you.

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