The Hotel Booking Tool You’ve All Been Waiting For…

It isn’t everyday that you find a new tool that you’ve dreamed about.  Especially a tool that does exactly what you want. It’s kinda like the service that would deliver my 32 oz fountain Mountain Dew every morning at 10:00AM sharp.  Even when you find this invention, you usually imagine that it would be rather expensive.  Not today my friends.  I’ve got good news.  I found the hotel booking tool that has been in my dreams for years.

Hotel Booking Tool of Your Dreams

I keep pinching myself as I write this post, but the dream doesn’t seem to end.  It’s a reality!  Check out the website

hotel booking tool

Yes. I’ve finally found the hotel booking tool I needed!

This site has dang near everything you need when booking hotels for your upcoming trip.  Let’s review some of the features of this website that you’ll definitely use when trying to book your next trip.

Pick the Hotel Chains

hotel award stayDon’t have any Hyatt or Best Western points?  Dang.  It eliminates them from your options, but at least you don’t have to sort through all their hotels on this site.  You can simply check or uncheck the hotel chains with whom you have points.  That way you know you’re just seeing the hotels that you could potentially use for your upcoming trip.

Don’t have enough points with these programs?  Time to get on it.  Who knows when you’ll need to use Hilton, Hyatt or Starwood on your next trip!

Pick the Points Range

Hotel Point Range

Use this tool to eliminate the hotels that require too little points.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a cheap-A. The rich guys don’t care about points, or saving money.  Just the cheap guys like Brad and I.  We’re not only cheap with our money, but we’re cheap on our points too.  You can use this slider tool to eliminate the hotels that require too many of your precious points, which will make your points last longer and save you more money.

List of HotelsHere is the list of hotels

Check out the list of hotels filling the right hand side of the page.  These are links directly to the websites so you can book the hotel when you find the one that you like.

I’m spotting this Sleep Inn – Salt Lake City which only requires 8000 Choice Privileges points per night, has a free hot breakfast, and offers the park and fly benefits that save me $9 per day parking fees at the dang airport.  Living 3 hours from the nearest large airport definitely has its downsides.  Being gone for 8 days and paying $9 per day is a giant $72 ripoff.  I’d rather burn a few points at the Comfort Inn, eat a nice breakfast, and take a shuttle right to the doors of the airport.

Handy, Dandy Map

AwardMapper MapThe map is valuable too as it makes sure you know how far the hotels are from the sights you want to see.  Depending on the city, it may be worth staying a small distance from the things you want to see in an effort to make your points last longer.

The perfect example is Salt Lake City.  The highways are big, and staying a few minutes from downtown is NO problem.  Most hotels outside of the downtown area offer free parking (while many of the downtown hotels make you pay more points per night, and parking fees-Yuck).  However, staying outside of San Francisco might not be the best idea as it takes forever to get downtown and you’d burn up the entire trip commuting to the downtown area.

Is this the best point hotel booking tool or what?

Have you seen this site before?  Do you agree that it is a HUGE help when trying to find hotels for your next upcoming trip?  What other sites do you use when trying to book your hotels using the points you’ve acquired?

If you liked this tool for booking hotels, then you’ll love that has some similar features to use when booking airline tickets with points.

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1 Response to The Hotel Booking Tool You’ve All Been Waiting For…

  1. amanda says:

    can I also throw in the recommendation (you probably already know about this site)- is my FAVORITE site for hotel viewing. their photos are the best- they literally shoot everything, so you get a fantastic idea of what the hotel REALLY looks like! also, a huge thanks for your site- your tips to get the barclay arrival+ card made mine & my hubby’s trip to NYC last weekend free- flights were via sapphire points, and after we spent money on the hotel and subway tickets, i redeemed the points today and got it all credited back, making our trip FREE!! (we also sold random stuff we had for cash to pay for wicked and food. such a sweet deal.) thanks guys!

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