A Ridiculously Easy Way to Save $400 on ANY flight

Travel is the ultimate vice for me.  Neither alcohol or tobacco tempt me, but travel pulls me in like a tornado.  The biggest difficulty is the cost of travel can be prohibitive, which discourages many people from even considering it a possibility.  They block it out of their minds like the idea of marrying Taylor Lautner.  Don’t find yourself in this position.  If you love travel like I do, then make it happen.  I want to show you how to save $400 on ANY flight today to make it easier for you.

Oftentimes I’ll get a call, an email, or a comment from someone who has taken interest in our blog.  They’ve heard that we are the source of knowledge and information for all things travel.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

  • Me: What kind of trip are you looking to do?  When are you looking to go?
  • Them: I want to go to Kona, Hawaii on February 16th and return on February 23rd.  I have to leave after work on the 16th though. Can I use points for this flight?
  • Me: Unfortunately using points can be difficult if you have a specific location with specific dates.  If you aren’t flexible on the dates or the location, odds are slim that you’ll be able to use points for your upcoming trip. But there is an exception to this rule: Let’s review how you can save $400 on any flight – no matter when, where, or which airline you need to use.

How to Save $400 on ANY flight

Barclaycard is a company that issues an incredible travel-reward reimbursement credit card in the USA called the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World MasterCard®.  This card comes with incredible benefits and for big spenders, I would recommend this card to anyone as a card they can keep forever.

Because they believe this card is so awesome, and one that you’ll keep forever, they’re willing to give you 40,000 bonus points so you can use them and see how versatile their program is.  Their program basically says that one point is worth $0.01.  Their 40,000 bonus miles easily translates to a $400 savings on ANY flight. Plus they give you 2 points per dollar spent, so additional points pile up pretty easily.

I would stand behind this credit card and tell you that it is probably the most versatile credit card on the market today.  My wife and I both have this card personally and have loved he ease with which the points are redeemed.  You can use your 40,000 bonus miles for almost ANY travel experience.

To sweeten the pot, Barclaycard is willing to waive the $89 annual fee for the first year.  This gives you one year to kick the tires and see if the card is going to be worth it long term.  If you spend tons on the card each year it would definitely be worth keeping.  Basically you have to spend $4500 each year to offset the annual fee of the credit card

Wait a Minute, What is the Catch?

batu caves

Shae and I at the Batu Caves in KL

Ok, Ok, you’re right.  There is a catch.  Time is your biggest enemy.  You’ll need enough time to get the card, meet the spending requirement, then book the trip.

The catch is that you need to do a couple of things in order to earn the $400, but don’t get discouraged because they’re really easy.

First: You need to get approved for the card.  This card requires you to have excellent credit, so you first need to make sure that you have great credit (generally above 720) in order to get approved.

Second: You need to spend $3000 on the card within the first 90 days in order to qualify for this bonus.  Make sure you put all of your expenses on the credit card.  If you need help with ideas, you should read our post about How to Meet a Spending Requirement.

Wait a Minute, You can Save $400 on ANY airline?

Yes.  Any airline.  Specific dates, no problem.  They aren’t going to discriminate against leaving after work on Friday afternoon.  You want to come home on Sunday so you can be to work by Monday morning? Fine.

If you’ve got a trip planned for March of 2015 with specific dates, this card is awesome because you can pick the most affordable flight on ANY airline and save $400.  You can also use this card for other travel expenses too.

There is NO WAY this deal works with Allegiant Airlines, right?

Wrong!  Book your favorite weekend trip to celebrate your anniversary in Vegas on the first weekend in August.  Spend time in San Francisco at the Wharf eating seafood to celebrate a big 40th birthday.

Are you kidding me?  Can I double down and save $800 on my next flights?

Kind of.  This deal works only once per person per lifetime.  If you’re looking to book a trip for yourself and the love of your life, you can each score this deal to double down and save up to $800 on any flight for each of you.

So when your husband asks about going somewhere for your anniversary, taking him to visit his parents, your first trip abroad, or sending him on that upcoming boys trip, tell him that you think it is possible.  Go ahead and save yourself $400 or $800 on ANY flight with the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard® and make a memory that will last a lifetime!

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6 Responses to A Ridiculously Easy Way to Save $400 on ANY flight

  1. Too Nashty says:

    This card is trash and so are you with your blatant credit card links.

  2. Chad Johnson says:

    Sheldon thanks for the awesome blog, thus one and all of the others Brad and yourself take the time to post! We love them and look forward to your new part each week! This is the next card in targeting to go into my seats wallet, thanks!

  3. Rick says:

    After reading your blog we got the Barclay card and are glad we did. We had the Chase Sapphire which was a good card but you cant beat the 2 points per dollar on the Barclay card. Thanks for the great advice and blog.


    • Sheldon says:

      @Rick- Nice choice. This card is awesome for people who can spend quite a bit each year. Like I mentioned in the post you’ve got to spend over $4500 just to break even from the $89 annual fee, but for those who spend a ton it is really worth it. Thanks for worldwanderlusting with us!

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