Capital One – Miles Instead of Interest

One of our fellow wanderlusters brought this option to our attention. In the today’s day and age of painfully low interest rates, it may make sense to opt for miles over interest on your savings account. Capital One is offering this program which allows yout to earn points which can be redeemd for travel, or exchanged with other programs.  They offer 1 mile for each $20 of your average account balance in addition to a measly .75% APY.    They’re also offering 2500 bonus miles for opening your account with $500.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than a kick in the face.

This is the beauty of having a wanderlusting army out there scouring the internet for more deals to make our travel dreams come true.  Please contact us with any ideas you have and start sharing in the conversation by commenting on our posts.

Wanderlust with us.

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