True to Form: Tailormade Holidays

Where in the world do you want to go?

There is nothing worse than trying to plan a holiday, being excited about it but having no inspiration on where to go, or even having too many ideas and not enough information to make an informed decision. In these situations it is best to go to the professionals; travel companies that are on hand 7 days a week to provide a quality service that lets you realize what it is you want to do with that precious time off.

Now that there is no excuse not to travel as flights are cheaper than ever and the overload of information available to us is vast. It is more about finding out what destinations suit the customer. Whether it is adventure, sport, culture or relaxation, our options are practically limitless. Travel agents have now adapted their companies to create a personalized perfect itinerary from scratch with a tailormade holiday.

If you’re going to choose a tailormade holiday through a travel company, choose one that has plenty of locations so you can hold face to face meetings, or at the least have a phone and online service 7 days a week. You want to get the best value for money so check that the flights have finance protection so that if the improbable happens, you have support, and obviously a financial guarantee. These agents are experts in the field that are working towards being true to what you want as a customer, so be sure to be clear with what you like and dislike. If you are planning to travel somewhere outside of your comfort zone, choose travel agents that have good local contacts so you also have support when you arrive at your destination.

Choosing your destination can be a complicated decision. If you want to visit somewhere you’ve never been or you’re not sure where to go then you can start with categories to narrow down the search – for example, is it an adventure you seek? Or a luxurious beachside resort? Relying on the specialists to guide you, you can edit the search based on accommodation, transport and activities. If you have a certain time limit or budget then this can be the foundation of your traveling, you don’t need to stay at home just because you don’t want to overspend – there are plenty of options!

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2 Responses to True to Form: Tailormade Holidays

  1. Kurt Dykstra says:

    Hey my buddy referenced me to your page and I was curious if you had advice on what card to look into for a balance transfer of roughly $7,500. I am hoping to find something with zero interest, no transfer fee, and points too. Thanks for any advice!

    • Hey Kurt- Thanks for stopping in! We hope you like WorldWanderlusting and that we can help you take the leap into free travel adventures.

      As far as balance transfers go, I almost never pay any attention to them, but it’s a great way to take even more advantage if you do have a balance. Even so, we always say to get that paid off before you dive into more credit cards.

      The Barclaycard US Airways card can be a beautiful thing when it comes to balance transfers. You do have to pay the $89 annual fee, but you get 30k bonus miles plus 10k for a balance transfer within 90 days. US Airways may merge with American and you can do some cool stuff with 40k AA miles – that’s how we’re in Italy right now.

      There is a fee of $10 or 4% (whichever is higher) on balance transfers… that sucks, but essentially it gets recouped after 3-4 months when you get 0% APR for 15 billing cycles.

      Here’s the link:

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