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If you like what we’re up to here at WorldWanderlusting, we want you to tell your friends and family.  In fact, we even want you to tell your enemies.  If you’re lucky, they’ll travel somewhere far away and never come back.

We’re doing our best to convince the world that travel is 1) not as expensive as people believe (in fact, in many cases, it’s outright free), 2) the best education you can give your kids and yourself (Travel is death to bigotry… you know the quote), and 3) will some of the best memories in your life.

Whether it’s adventure, culture, history, or discovery you seek, there’s a world out there to find it in.  Don’t delay, do it today.

We put together this simple little Prezi presentation that lays it out there.  Now we’re asking for a favor – Would you show it to a friend? Share it with your friends on social media? Make it the homepage of all the computers in the lab? Please watch it and share it far and wide.

We want an army of wanderlusters, and we want to hear what you’re doing.  Counter-inspire us.  Tempt us. Send us your pictures.

If you ever have any questions about you read on here – Questions like “Doesn’t it hurt my credit?,” “What’s in it for you?,” or “When should I start getting points?” – please comment on a post and get the lowdown from us.  This is not a static webpage, this is a forum and we want Q&A.  We’d like to hear your doubts and concerns. It doesn’t come as a surprise that people read this stuff and think “yeah right,” or “what’s the catch?”

You should be skeptical.  You should be careful.  You should be nervous. But you also should be traveling.  And once you feel good about these opportunities, as thousands of others do, you should be thrilled.

Running this blog now for almost two years has been a very exciting endeavor.  We’ve made so many friends and heard so many stories.  Keep on wanderlusting with us.

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