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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Writing an Effective Airline Complaint Letter

I’ve told you, our army of WorldWanderlusters, about our incredible trip to Italy where we got tickets that should have cost us $2600 for $162 and 80k points.  I told you that we stayed 13 nights in hotels and didn’t … Continue reading

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Free Place to Stay on a Trip to see the Wonders of Istanbul

WorldWanderlusting operates under the simple premise that travel need not be expensive.  Don’t get us wrong, you can spend thousands of dollars on ill-prepared, unimaginative travel – and plenty of people do.  We just prefer to prepare and be imaginative … Continue reading

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Priority Club Point Breaks

Being a Wanderluster and a frugal person for some people can be a funny match. Many people who know that I love to travel ask me where I’m going next. My usual answer is, “Wherever is a good deal.” At … Continue reading

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