How to Travel Back in Time 800 Years

You’re thinking that I’m crazy.  You may not believe me, but this story is legit.  No my name isn’t Marty McFly, and no I don’t have a DeLorean.  However, my name is Sheldon and I’ve got lots of Frequent Flyer Miles, and they are just as good as the trusty DeLorean that McFly used to time travel back 800 years.

A Genie?

If I found a lamp that produced a charismatic genie like Robin Williams that would allow for three wishes, I would definitely include the ability to travel back in time.  It would be amazing to sit as a fly on the wall during the Declaration of Independence on a sweltering hot summer day in Philadelphia to watch the Founders pound out that bold document.  I would also love to see the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza, and so much more.

Would you love to travel back in time?

How to Time Travel Back 800 Years to the 13th century

In order to do this you won’t be loading up in  a 2-seater car that was made back in the 80’s.  But you will still need to pack your bags and get your airline ticket that will fly you to Paris.

Ideally you wouldn’t be paying for this airline ticket, and even more ideally you should be in first class.  If neither of these work for you, but you still want to travel back in time, spend the money on this ticket. Grab a car rental at the airport, turn on the GPS, and begin your journey toward Guedelon!

time travel map

A map to travel back in time.

Guedelon Time Travel

Here is your DeLorean: Guedelon.  Guedelon is an experiment.  It is a one of a kind like experience where skilled artisans are building a castle from the ground up with the tools and techniques from the 13th century.  Don’t believe me?  Fine.  Check it out for yourself.  They started the construction in 1996.  Yeah, like 19 years ago.  Some of you reading this post weren’t even born at that time.

Time Travel

Guedelon as of April 1st 2015

Use Time Travel to Meet a Real Blacksmith

Not amazed yet?  Ok. Give me a few more minutes to show you how cool this place really is. Check out the blacksmith and his billow.  He freaking made the billow with the leather from an animal, the wood came from the wood maker, the rope came from the rope maker, and his lever came from a tree.  They’re really using the tools and techniques from freaking 800 years ago.  Wow!

Watching him work in his shop was awesome.  He is working on the tools that his co-workers need to accomplish their duties.  Many of the other artisans have their own shops where they work daily.  They accept volunteers that are willing to work for free.  So if your desire is to work on a castle, now is your chance!

Some of these workers have been there since the beginning of the project in 1996.  They’ve basically dedicated their working career toward this monumental project that will stand the test of time.

Travel Back in Time and See a Portion of the Finished Product

The portion that is finished will blow your mind.

The Time Travel Crane

Had they have chosen to use modern machinery, this thing would have been built within a  year.  Their methods might not be the fastest, but they’re definitely intriguing.

This “crane” was one of the most amazing things I saw at the castle. This human/hamster wheel is attached to a pulley, which is then attached to a heavy stone.  As the human runs in the wheel it slowly lifts the stone and allows the masons to place the stone safely.

time travel crane

This “crane” was one of the most amazing things I saw at the castle. This human/hamster wheel is used to lift heavy limestone pieces that are used for the windows. The hamster wheel is attached to a pulley that is then hooked to the heavy item they’re trying to lift.

Time Travel is Real

Thanks to a few American Airline miles I was able to do real time travel.  Seeing people work in trades that have nearly vanished these days due to modern machinery has given me a greater appreciation for ancient wonders of the world.

Now as I explore ancient ruins in Tikal, Giza, or Angkor Wat I’ll have a better understanding of the methods they used to build those incredible edifices.  The clock is ticking for you if you want to travel back in time though.  Guedelon is estimating that it will be completed by 2025, which only gives you 10 more years before the DeLorean is decommissioned.  Plan your trip today and experience something that will change your life forever.

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  1. Dave Boettcher says:

    or you could visit Old World Wisconsin near Eagle, WI, Old Fort William near Thunder Bay, Ontario or any one of a number of other historical sites where people act as historically accurate people.

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