How to Feel like a Millionaire, Then Become One

In case you didn’t know, I’m a millionaire.  It is a wonderful feeling.  I open up my wallet and I’ve got all kinds of bills in there.  Four years ago I was broke, and look at me now.  Going from zero to a million is awesome, and the best part is that you can become one too.

Feel like a Millionaire

Tonight I casually opened my Award Wallet and found this nice tally at the bottom showing my total amount of points and miles:

million mile secrets

I’m officially a millionaire!

You better believe it.  My wallet is full.  Being a millionaire is awesome!  The only unfortunate thing is that my wallet is not full of $100’s, $50’s, or $20’s.  It is full of AAdvantage Miles, Starpoints, and Gold Points (Which really isn’t such a bad thing after all).  I may not be able to buy a new house with them, but they can be used to help me travel places that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to go.

Why you should become a Points Millionaire

When people hear the words “World Travel”, they usually associate it with big money.  They think, “Only the filthy rich have an opportunity to do something like that.”  They automatically block it out of their mind like their childhood dream of being an NBA star was crushed when they were cut from the 5th grade basketball team.  Well people; this is somewhere that you can keep on dreaming, moving forward, and make it happen!

Traveling makes you feel rich too. Roaming the streets of Milan and window shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele makes you feel invincible.  It is still worth it even if you’ll never waste $50,000 on the Prada purse or $100,000 on the Tiffany jewelry.   Standing there in one of the most prestigious malls in the world gives you wings, and makes you feel like a bad-A.

Galleria Mall

Shae doing some window shopping

Becoming a points millionaire makes impossible things a reality for you and your family.  Who knows how long this bandwagon will ride, but you better get on before it stops.  Live it up and take some unforgettable trips as a family.  Live like the millionaire!

Some Things Aren’t Too Good to Be True

We had someone tell us the other day that our blog was “too good to be true.”  It was a fair enough statement for someone who ignorantly didn’t even read our posts.  If someone told me that I could travel for “Free” to multiple locations across the globe I might be skeptical too.  The truth is, that it was only “too good to be true” because she never even read our material.

Sometimes in life things may sound that way, but they’re really not.  Here is a small summary of the awesome trips that we’ve taken since I started using points for my travel instead of dollars:

  • Flights for four to Europe
  • Flights for two to Costa Rica
  • Flights for three to Florida
  • Flights for three to Tennessee
  • Flight for one to Buffalo
  • Flights for three to Panama
  • Flights for two to Tennessee
  • Flights for two to Tennessee
  • Flights for three to Tennessee
  • Flights for two to San Francisco
  • Flights for two to Phoenix

This is what we’ve been able to save within the last 4 years by using our points.  PLUS I’ve still got over a MILLION points in the bank waiting to be used for future trips.

San Blas

Max Enjoying the Warmth of Panama in January

You could EASILY value all of these points that I’ve used at over $15,000.  This doesn’t even account for the free hotels, car rentals, and tours that we’ve been able to cover with our points.  On a conservative side you could say that we’ve saved about $20,000 in travel.

Who has an extra $20,000 that they have laying around that they want to burn on vacations?  Maybe some person who really makes a million $$ per year, but unfortunately I don’t fit that mold.  These are vacations that we WOULD NOT HAVE OTHERWISE TAKEN.  Are you neglecting taking vacations because of their cost?

I’m a believer that some things are “too good to be true,” but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true.  It is good, and it is true, so enjoy it!

What are you waiting for?

There is NO way this game will last forever.  Not a chance when you consider how lucrative as it can be for you and a bleeding loss for the credit card companies.  The rules and the offers have already dried up dramatically from what they were 4 years ago when I started.

Are you a spectator on the sidelines, or are you a player on the field?  If you’re on the sidelines, get on the field and start your quest to a million.  Start today with an easy card like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World MasterCard® or the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard® that will help you take the first steps toward your free trip before the well runs dry.

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2 Responses to How to Feel like a Millionaire, Then Become One

  1. Bry says:

    Question- are transfers considered “purchases within 90 days”? I’ve got a pretty good lump amount I would transfer but want to get as many points as possible


    • Sheldon says:

      @Bry-Good question. In the past some of the credit cards offered bonuses for transferring a balance. The US Airways used to give you a point for every dollar transferred from another card. Your best bet would be to transfer the balance on a card that had an introductory low rate for a balance transfer and pay that puppy down ASAP.

      Be careful with your credit cards. We always recommend that people pay off their balances every statement. That way they can avoid pesky fees and lame interest that can eat up the value of the “free” travel. The moment you use most of these cards to carry a balance you can lose really quickly. Most of them have VERY high interest rates like 25-35%, which is ridiculous!

      Thanks for worldwanderlusting with us and get those puppies paid down!

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