You See Paris, You See France, All For Less than a Pair of Underpants

This image was selected as a picture of the we...The iconic Eiffel Tower stands at the heart of the romantic city of Paris.  If you haven’t dreamed about taking your sweetheart to bask in views of this city you either, A- Don’t have a sweetheart, or B- Don’t have a romantic bone in your body.

The city of Paris boasts beautiful architecture, flowered gardens, romantic restaurants, and history galore.  Hold on tight to your honey before some French-accented man swoops her off her feet.

You’ve promised your lover that when you’re old and wrinkly you’ll take her there to enjoy the sites.  Bring along the cane, the wheelchair, and the Viagra for your trip.  Well isn’t that sweet… except it’s not.

She’s dreamed about going there her entire life.  Don’t make her wait until she can’t really enjoy the trip before you commit to taking her there.  Make it happen now.  Here’s how:

Choice Privileges Visa

It wasn’t very long ago that I showed you the power of the Choice Privileges Visa Card. This card has a current offer that is very attractive, and is definitely one to consider when looking at visiting Paris, or many other large cities in Europe.

You’ll be shocked to hear that there are 18 hotels in Paris within the Choice Privileges family.  That wasn’t 1.8, it was 18.  Take your pick of the location where you’d like to stay.    You want one pretty close to the Arc de Triomphe?  Done. Or maybe you’d rather be closer to the Eiffel Tower? Poof!

Quality Inn Paris

Choice Privileges Hotels in Paris

Here is where you can check out the whole list of hotels in the Paris area.

How it Works With the Choice Privileges Visa Card

The current offer for this card gives you 8,000 points for being approved, then they’ll give you an additional 24,000 points when you pay for one night in a Choice Privileges hotel.  The total 32,000 points is worth 4 nights at 8,000 points per night.  You’ve just got to find hotels that are in that category, but don’t worry, there are over 1500 of them.

  • The card carries NO annual fee
  • Ability to book up to 50 days before your trip (Instead of 30)
  • 2 Points per dollar are earned on everyday spending.  That means that you’ve got to spend $4000 in order to get another night free (assuming the hotel only requires 8000 points)
English: Arc de Triomphe as seen from the Eiff...

English: Arc de Triomphe as seen from the Eiffel Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once you receive the card they’ll automatically give you the first 8000 points.  The big bonus of 24,000 will come once you’ve used your new shiny plastic card to book and stay in a Choice Privileges hotel.  Even if you just take the kids across town so they can swim in the pool and eat the free breakfast, it’ll be worth paying for this night.  The next four will be somewhere much more romantic, away from the children.

With 32,000 points in your Award Wallet, you’ll be so excited to start booking your vacation to Paris.  Don’t forget the lingerie!

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