Priority Club PointBreak

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Priority Club PointBreak is the most efficient way to use your Priority Club points.  You’ll recall that I recently scored 80,000 Priority Club Points in my most recent app-o-rama.  You can too by using the link found on Flyertalk.  Because this isn’t our link, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the 80,000 but it is a pretty good shot because I just scored the deal about two months ago.

PointBreak Priority Club

Priority Club PointBreak

Here is the list of properties: Priority Club PointBreak

These deals continue through June 30, 2013.  So if you’re headed to one of these locations between now and the end of June, this is a great way to stay.

Your Chase Priority Club Visa card that gives you 80,000 would allow you to stay for 16 nights at these properties.  It makes me want to rent out my house for 1/2 a month and live in the hotel.  If that were possible, then you know I’d probably do it.  It just might be tough finding someone who is interested in renting a house for 16 days.  Maybe if I get my wife the card, and I get the card then we could rent out our house for a month.  Now we’re talking…

These hotels normally go for 10,000-50,000 points per night.  If you’re already headed to one of these locations it is like showing up at Cabela’s all ready to purchase that shotgun, only to realize that they’ve dropped the price by 85%.  That is my kind of sale!!  You won’t even have to think twice about staying there.

Amazing Avis Weekend Car Rental

Never have I seen a deal like this on Car rentals.  I don’t see it lasting very long because it is really too good to be true.  Use Coupon Code “TUEA002”

Weekend Car rental

Amazing Deal Alert

You’re reading that right. I booked a two night weekend car rental from my home town for $2.44. Not $24.44 or $244.44, but a measly two bucks and forty-four Abe’s. It isn’t everyday that you can find something like this, so it is worth jumping on. If you wanted to do a quick run to Vegas to visit your grandma (at least that’s the excuse that you tell your wife) then you can do it for less than a $5 footlong. It will keep you from putting the wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Please also note:  There is no road to rough for a rental car.

Booking the Deal

Make Sure you enter the Coupon Code!!

Reserve your rental car today and hope that Avis doesn’t try to claw back and take this deal away from you. It is very possible they realize the horrible mistake they’ve made and they try to cancel all of these. The deal ends on June 30th, so book now for any weekend between now and then and score this great deal.


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  1. Judd says:

    The avis deal is posted under this post. I wanted to mention that this does not or did not work for me trying to reserve online. It says that the coupon code is an actual coupon and must be presented when picking up the car..Oh well

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