How to Stay 8 Free Nights in a Hotel Without Going to Jail

I recently redeemed 3,000 of my Starpoints for a night in the Downtown Salt Lake City Sheraton.  It was just prior to our departure to Panama, and as we prepared to board the shuttle to the airport, I made a run to the lobby restroom with my son.  As we entered the restroom, there was a loud snoring sound reflecting off the marble walls.  My son and I looked at each other, puzzled, and advanced to investigate. Extending beneath the door of a bathroom stall, we saw two dirty boots, upright, unstirring. A homeless man had escaped the winter cold, opting for the warmer, and perhaps, somehow, more comfortable, bathroom floor of the Sheraton.

We suppressed our snickers and hurriedly took care of our business.  But as we left, the thought occurred to me that we had paid no more for our room with two plush beds and pillows, than had this man paid for the stone floor and a ceramic pillow. We alerted the front desk and the poor guy was presumably hauled off to the slammer.

If he had only known that if he could qualify for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express Card, he too, could have enjoyed the luxurious 800 thread-count sheets, the 42″ plasma TV with HBO, and perhaps, even, a soak in the hot tub – not just for a night, but for 8 of them!  Now, doubtless, the homeless man probably doesn’t have the credit score to get approved, but do you?  If your credit score is at least 700, and you’re capable of making all of your payments on time and in full, it’s time for you to start taking advantage of credit card travel rewards.

In order to get the bonus points, you need to spend $5000 within the first 6 months.  There’s no annual fee for the first year, and 10,000 of them come right away, so you can get started instantly!

Here are three amazing hotels you could stay at for 8 nights… in a room, not a bathroom floor… for free… without going to jail:

Medellin, Colombia Four Points by Sheraton

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Manchester, New Hampshire Four Points by Sheraton

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Vancouver, British Colombia Four Points by Sheraton

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If you liked these ideas, you might also want to look at our great Starwood “loops” – roadtrips you can take between some of these free Starwood Hotels.

All courtesy of the 30k bonus starpoints you’ll accrue with the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Card. Apply now.


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