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Last week we showed you an easy way to take a vacation visiting Niagara Falls, NY and Toronto, Canada.  With a few points and miles your vacation costs are cut down significantly.  Thereby making your vacation possible, rather than expensive.

Now that you’ve got the trip planned for your hotels and airfare, you need some fun ideas of things to do along your trip.  For all the thrill seekers out there I’ve got an easy recommendation.  It will require everyone to get absolutely soaking, so don’t wear your white shirt!

Whirlpool Jet Boat Experience

niagara river

My Friends and I preparing for the Tour

The Whirlpool Jetboat Tours of the Niagara River is a wild ride.  In fact, it’s the most wild water ride I’ve ever taken.  The jetboat takes you down the river and gives you views of the beautiful canyon that comes after the falls.  Many people only explore the falls (which are stunning), but most people aren’t able to see the stunning canyons.

Fortunately you’ve saved so much on the hotels and airfare, that you’ll be able to afford this $61 experience.  Book this in advance of your trip, because it is possible that the boats are full if you try to buy your tickets on arrival.   You’ll never forget drinking from the Niagara River.

This company has three different tours, but I’m going to recommend the most exciting one, which leaves out of Lewiston, NY.  Once they take you on a tour of the river and the canyon they show you the power of the jetboat. With everyone seated they’ll show you how it can easily do a 360 with the agility of a jet ski.  As you cruise down the river you’ll pass by a couple of class 5 rapids (change depending on the flow of the river) that will blow your mind.

 Those sitting in the front seats might consider bringing a neck brace, to avoid injury, because going up a class 5 rapid is more powerful than going down.  The grannies in the back row barely get wet, so you can pick the seat that best accommodates you.  If you want the front seat, then you’ll probably have to show up early and fight with five 20 year old kids who might want it more than you.


Class 5 rapid

Hitting the wave!

I think the picture explains it all, but of course, my friends and I chose the very front row and screamed throughout the entire ride.  I clearly recall Matt screaming, “I’m not even wet yet.  When are we gonna get wet!” at the top of his lungs.  He’s the crazy kid taking the wave head on!

Our driver loved our screaming so much that he even performed an encore performance of the largest rapid.  The guide who explained everything about the river wondered if we were all shattered because we were acting belligerent.  Little did she know….we were all as sober as kindergarteners.

When the ride finally came to a stop I realized that I’ve never felt so wet in my life.  Even though it was a warm summer day that we took the trip, we all felt frozen because we were wet to the bone.  We changed our clothes and were able to enjoy some stunning views of the falls, but we appreciated them much more after having felt the wrath of the river.

Don’t forget to score the hotel points that will give you the free hotels so you can afford the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour!

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4 Responses to Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

  1. Thanks for the info. I went to Niagara Falls 5 years ago, travelling alone. But we are planning a family trip there for this summer and we will for sure be making reservations for the Whirlpool Jetboat Tour.

  2. Mike says:

    Holy cow! That looks like it was a ton of fun! Takes the splash mountain theme to a whole new level.

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