SPG American Express Approval

I have been trying to strategize on which card to get next for quite some time. I have already nailed the American Airlines AAdvantage Citicard that offered 75,000 miles on two different occasions and I didn’t want them pulling my credit and turning me down.

I also feel like my wife doesn’t have quite the credit history that I do, so I better cool my jets in regards to applying in her name.  When we got married three years ago she didn’t have a single card.  We got her a “Staple Card” and had been building her credit for about two and half years before we applied for her first card.  She was instantly approved for it and her second card was approved after some consideration.  For this reason I’ve figured that she better take it easy for a bit before we go applying for her again.

I’ve got a couple of cards that I’ve had for six years each and some other things that have helped me to build my credit as well.  For this reason I feel like I’m going to cool it with her until she has had these cards for a year before doing anything with her.  As for me, I’m still planning on hitting the 4-5 cards  a year.  I’m just about there as I’ve had four cards in the last year and September will be my card churning anniversary.  It’s been a great year, but I’m always looking forward to my next opportunity.

Yesterday I decided to make the plunge into the hotel card market.

Congratulations Sheldon B Christensen, your application is approved!

We are excited to welcome you to Card membership and all the benefits and services that come with your Card. You should receive your Card in the mail in the next 7 to 10 days.

Until this point I’ve only focused on the airlines points, but now I’m broadening my horizons.  I could totally see myself flying to Europe on an award ticket, and then staying in crappy hotels because the Euro is beating up the dollar so badly.  I decided that the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express was going to be my best option.  Their hotels are top of the line and usually have great locations.

I also scored 20,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points on a TDAmeritrade offer that I scored a month ago or so.  This card when I meet the spending requirements and the TDAmeritrade offer will boost me up to at least 60,000 points.  That will hopefully last me quite a while, as I tend to try to use my rewards on the cheapest redemption option always.  At least a few of the hotels in which we stay in Europe will be on the house, then I will feel like spending money on experiences and food will not be a problem because I won’t have many out of pocket expenses.
Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express card allows you to spend the points as low as 2000 per night.  The chances of scoring that deal is pretty difficult, but you know I’ll be spending the least amount possible.  Take a look at their properties and you will be amazed.  This could take your Disneyland spending down to food and entrance instead of hotel, airfare, food, and entrance.  We want you to go out and explore the world.  Get out there and take you children on vacation.  They will NEVER forget the time that you went on vacation with them.  They might forget about the brand new car you drove, or the biggest TV in the neighborhood, but they’ll never forget going to Mexico.  This site is dedicated to helping you to do that without breaking the bank.  So make the plunge, wanderlust with us.

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