Puerto Rico for the Adrenaline Junkie

If your ideal vacation requires death-defying adventures and adrenaline pumping action, Puerto Rico offers a variety of activities that will get your heart racing. From zip lining and mountain climbing to scuba diving and surfing, explore the exhilarating Puerto Rico activities that are anything but dull.

Zip lines

Death slide, flying fox, aerial runway – call it what you will, a zip-line is a guaranteed rush. Using a system of pulleys and cables, a zip-line will allow you to start at the top of a cable and move to the bottom using the force of gravity. You’ll be attached to the cable with your pulley and harness. With zip lines as high as 100 feet in the air, you’ll be treated to fantastic views of Puerto Rico’s lush foliage. Many zip lines are part of an outdoor adventure tour and many include a ropes course. The country has many zip lines, including Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park which offers 15 zip lines.

Mountain Climbing

No matter your skill level – beginner, intermediate or advanced, there are several rock climbing opportunities scattered across Puerto Rico for any rock climbing enthusiast. In fact, many people say Puerto Rico offers the most beautiful climbing opportunities in the Caribbean. A volcanic island, Puerto Rico offers unique topography with a rugged mountain range across its center. The Caribbean National Forest is only a 45 minute drive from San Juan and offers both climbing and hiking opportunities. In western Puerto Rico, Maricao State, is a lesser known area for visitors looking to get off the beaten path. There are also several protected forest and land areas that are ideal for hiking and climbing including Toro Negro Forest Reserve, Carite Forest Reserve, Guánica State Forest and Río Camuy Cave Park.

Scuba Diving

Puerto Rico Scuba

Photo by jwilde on http://www.flickr.com/photos/jwilde/4173534716/

In clear, beautiful Caribbean waters, Puerto Rico is surrounded by a continental shelf that provides trenches, coral reefs, caves and sea walls for divers to explore. If you are staying near San Juan, the Condado reef is a convenient diving area featuring lava reefs, caverns, tunnels and a variety of tropical fish. Mona Island in western Puerto Rico has some of the cleanest waters in Puerto Rico. Home to 270 fish species, you’ll also see larger marine animals including sea turtles, whales, dolphins and marlins. This diving area offers underwater caverns, deep vertical walls and more. Concierges or front desk staff at the many Puerto Rico hotels can offer local insight about nearby scuba diving opportunities.


If you plan on surfing in Puerto Rico, your best bet is to check out Playa Higüero. The beach, referred to as “Little Malibu” by surfing aficionados, offers waves as high as 16-feet from November to April. The beach also hosts several international surfing contests. In West Puerto Rico, the beaches of Isabela, Aguadilla and Rincon offer excellent surfing opportunities. You’ll find beaches throughout the country that offer surfboard rental, surf schools and surf lessons geared towards your specific skill level.

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