Travel Photo Quiz

As you already know…we love to travel. This quiz is something we’ve done in the past, and are thinking about reviving. Let us know what you think.

Where was this travel photo taken?


Where was this taken?

What currency do they use there?
What currency did they use there prior to 2001?

Winner can choose from a universal travel adaptor, an iPhone 4 or 5 credit card holder case, or an inflatable neck pillow.

Happy travels and thanks for worldwanderlusting with us.

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7 Responses to Travel Photo Quiz

  1. Claire says:


  2. Erika says:

    It’s the Colloseum in Rome. They currently use the Euro but used to use the Lira.

  3. Matthew Winarski says:

    1. Verona Arena, in Verona, Italy
    2. Euro
    3. Lira

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