Eight Great Christmas Gifts for Travelers

We go through this same exercise every year – What do I get for (insert name here) this Christmas? Only now we have Google to help with things like this – and hopefully it takes you to cool sites like ours.  So, even though our blog is about providing a formula for free frequent flyer mile travel, today you’re going to get some of those gift ideas.

With the better part of America and the civilized world rampantly spending their diligently-earned currencies on doorbuster deals for hokey items that will bring brief satisfaction, yet lasting clutter, I set out to find meaningful mementos for a more globally-minded subset of said civilized world – people who love to travel, i.e. people who read this blog, i.e. people who value experiences over ornaments.

Disclaimer:  So help me everything holy, I place my cursor over my internet bible bookmark and make a solemn pledge that you will not find a passport holder in this list.  There’s a special place in gift giver limbo (right next to fruitcake givers) for people who can summon no more thoughtfulness than to give things like passport holders to people they genuinely care about.

Christmas Gifts for Travelers

A Globe: You’re thinking, “Wait, weren’t we just bashing ornaments and clutter?”  Easy, grasshopper, you misunderstand the concept of a globe – especially a good one.  A globe is a window – an opening to memories of past experiences, and daydreams of future discoveries. You just can’t go wrong here.

“Of a Lifetime Books:” Even the most well-traveled globe-trotter will lick their lips turning the pages of one of these gems. Yes, this is essentially pornography for travelers – unlocking insatiable lust and  setting unreal expectations.

A Magazine Subscription: Like our “Of a Lifetime” books, the idea here is to get randy with wanderlust– only add periodicity.  And also like the books, once again National Geographic is the hallmark provider. This gift keeps on giving.

A Good Backpack: My backpack has been to all but one of the twenty seven countries I have visited. That’s more faithful than some peoples’ spouses – and more useful, too. A good, durable backpack is an absolute travel necessity, and you don’t want to date a lot of them, you want to find the best one and marry it. I say hinge your decision on the most important piece: the zipper.  If it’s going to work between the two of you, that thing will have to take some abuse.  Get a backpack with a big, healthy zipper.

Flipflops: Flipflops are talking shoes.  They say, “I don’t have a care in the world.” When you wear flipflops, the extra oxygen to the skin cells in your toes tells your endocrine system to triple the release special endorphins which trigger faster synapses in the area of the brain which processes positive emotions. No, actually, I just made that shit up, but it’s kinda how I feel at least…

A Shutterfly Book:  You’ve heard that Brad Paisley song about “Who needs pictures?” Well, I do.  We all do.  We forget stuff.  It sucks.  And if I’m bad, my wife is even worse.  I have to remind her where we’ve been and what we’ve done, and I won’t have to do that anymore once I immortalize all of our travel photos in Shutterfly photo books.

4-Wheeled Hard Case Luggage:  I know, luggage is as cliche as the passport holder, but I’m telling you, this stuff is like the “change your life” kind of cool.  You’ve walked through the airport and you see them, people effortlessly pushing a gorgeous, shiny, 4-spinner-wheeled piece of art while you roll your leaning bag on its 1990 two-wheel-technology.  Come on, man.  You don’t still have anything from 1990, and if 4 wheel drive is good for mud-diggin, it’s also good for travel gear.  You, and whoever is lucky enough to be on your list, are headed for easier luggage lugging.

Frugal Travel Guy’s Handbook: Everyone who travels feels like they take advantage of frequent flyer mile programs and opportunities to fly at reduced rates or even freely, yet very few travelers fully grasp these concepts – the same concepts we advocate for on WorldWanderlusting.com.  Rick Ingersoll is as savvy as they come when it comes to working the frequent flyer mile system for maximum effect, and he’s taught thousands of followers with this quick and easy handbook.

Nothing pains us more at WorldWanderlusting.com, than hearing “I’d love to travel, I just can’t afford it.”  We write about inexpensive ways for people to get to places they had only dreamed of.  Follow us on Facebook or check out these other great posts:

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