Eight Great Adventure Travel Experiences Around the World

WorldWanderlusting brings you eight great Adventure Travel experiences from around the world -inspired by a 24-mile. 800 mph skydive from space by Felix Baumgartner,

Deep Water Rock Climbing on Rock Islands in Thailand

Photo Courtesy www.Andamanadventures.com

All of the rush of free climbing with all of the risk mitigated by a clear, deep pool of fresh ocean water beneath you.  In the heat of Southeast Asia, my guess is that there are times you want to fall.  www.AndamanAdventures.com offers guided trips with routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

This is like rock-climbing and cliff-jumping combined into one.  Just imagine what it must be like to reach, slip, and fall… letting yourself crash into the cool water and then get up and do it all over again. This is what life is about.


Paragliding in Colombia

How much adrenaline could this really be if my six-year-old did with no fear and all smiles?  Well, just envision literally running off the edge of a mountain with nothing to save you but a nylon chute and an able 15-year-old pilot attached to your back.  We did it in Medellin, but Colombia is mountainous enough that you could do it about anywhere.

Diving with Great White Sharks off the Coast from San Francisco

Photo Courtesy Andrew Fox

I’ve dived with 6′ Caribbean Reef Sharks, but that’s nothing like getting in the water with 15′ Great whites, even if you are encased in a steel cage.  These things are legitimate man-eaters and there’s no way your heart rate is anywhere below 100bpm with one of these guys gnawing on something just feet away. Check it out http://www.greatwhiteadventures.com/


Shotover Canyon Swing in New Zealand

Photo Courtesy www.canyonswing.co.nz

Part skydive, part bungee-jump, part enormous swing – this adventure provides a bird’s eye, swooping view of a beautiful canyon.  The free-fall to begin gives an alarming sensation before the slack catches and your dive horizontal.  If that weren’t enough, your trajectory takes you just feet from the edge of the cliff before you peak and do the whole thing in reverse.  See it for yourself at www.canyonswing.co.nz and then really see it for yourself near Queensland.


Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Photo Courtesy www.NYdailynews.com

I know, I know, I’ve referenced this event too many times in my blogging career, but the truth is that it embodies everything I long for when it comes to travel – culture, history, adventure.  I mean, a crazy, drunken race on cobblestone streets would be cool enough, but add a dozen angry stampeding bulls and you’ve really got a winner.

Whitewater on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe

You go and see Victoria Falls – perhaps the world’s most spectacular waterfall… it’s only natural, then, that thereafter you’d find the world’s most spectacular whitewater.  This stretch is more rapids than it is river… we’re talking class 5, legitimately scary rapids – one on top of another.  Stop reading and just click play.  This stuff is absolutely crazy.

Waterfall Jump at Bassin Bleu in Haiti

Ok, so there are crazier places to do this.  Jump off from/into a waterfall pretty much anywhere in the world and you’ll feel extreme, but I have to bring this up because the setting is so serene – especially relative to its surroundings.  Haiti is not exactly the jewel it once was, but there are traces and this is one of them.

Mount Everest Climb to Basecamp

Photo Courtesy www.hardcorenepal.com

So the real charge probably comes in making the ascent that has a tendency to take a great share of the lives of those that dare try, but here’s a way to get a taste without biting off more than you can chew.  Fourteen days of trekking take you above 18,000 feet and expose you to some tremendous views of the most impressive mountain range on the planet.  There are dozens of guides, but www.hardcorenepal.com can take you up for somewhere around $1250.


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