188,000 Club Carlson Hotel Points – No Credit Card

If you’ve been wanderlusting with us since last December, you know that we hooked you up with an opportunity with Club Carlson to lock down as many as 5 free nights in a hotel with a single night stay purchase – something many of you opted into for yourself, as well as for your spouse.

Deals like that just don’t come around very often, but we are beyond excited that this same promo is back in action for the first 100k people to register!

If you would love to stay at any of these hotels then this is your chance.  It’s very simple, so do it right now, and ask questions later.  You’re not risking anything at all to register.

  1. Sign up for the Club Carlson Loyalty Program 
  2. Register now for this amazing Radisson promotion.
  3. Register now for this amazing Country Inns and Suites promotion.

After registering for this promotion, stay a night at a Radisson Hotel between May 15th and July 15th and receive the 50,000 Club Carlson points.  Also stay in a Country Inn and Suites hotel to get 44,000 more Club Carlson points.  Do this for your spouse as well and you’ll have to buy 4 nights in hotels for roughly $80 each ($320), and then you’ll have 188,000 Club Carlson Points – enough for 20 nights at the lowest redemption level.

Keep wanderlusting with us, because about a week from now, Park Inn Hotels will be doing the same kind of promotion.  Click here to see their countdown page.  We’ll also be showing you some super-amazing itineraries with your treasure trove of points!


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2 Responses to 188,000 Club Carlson Hotel Points – No Credit Card

  1. Josh says:

    Well I got registered for them for my wife and I, now I just need to figure out where and when we are gonna go.

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