How to Earn Over 400,000 Hilton HHonors Points

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When it comes to Hotels you can find a Hilton property almost anywhere.  The Hilton family has hotels all across America and all across the world too.  Their redemption scale isn’t always amazing depending on the property that you’re staying at, but this is a way that you might be able to accumulate tons of HHonors points.

Right now you have 7 different credit cards that are issuing points either directly to Hilton, or can be transferred to Hilton HHonors points.  I’ll outline each of them and show you how to accumulate over 400,000 HHonors points and get Gold Status too!

100,000 from the Virgin Atlantic Bank of America

Daraius from showed me that you can transfer these points from Virgin Atlantic to Hilton HHonors points at a 2:1 ratio.   The bonus from this card is 50,000, and if they give you a 2:1 transfer ratio then you are paying $90 for 100,000 HHonors points.

  • Sign on Bonus: 50,000 Virgin Atlantic Points which are transferable 1:2 to Hilton
  • Spending Requirement: $2500 in 3 months
  • Annual Fee $90

60,000 from the Hilton HHonors American Express Surpass

This card is issued by American Express and gives an initial sign on bonus of 40,000 HHonors points.  It will also issue you an additional 20,000 points when you spend $3000 within the first.  It also offers automatic Gold Status for the first year of having the card.  Gold Status isn’t worth too much, but it can give you opportunities for upgrades, free breakfast at certain hotels, and a few other minor amenities.

  • Total Bonus: 60,000 HHonors Points
  • Spending Requirement: $3,000 in 3 months
  • Annual Fee: $75

40,000 from the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature

This is the weakest offer of all, but it still gives you 40,000 and Citi is good about issuing credit cards to people with good credit.  It also comes without an annual fee, which is nice for those people who are trying to do this on a tight budget.

  • Total Bonus: 40,000
  • Spending Requirement: $1000 in 4 months
  • Annual Fee: None

70,000 from the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Daraius also posted about this deal.  He has actual done the transfer to know that it actually works too!  It is a great option for those people like the FrugalTravelGuy who have been running out of options as they have already gotten all of the best offers from the big banks.  Bank of Hawaii is far from here, and as long as they are willing to dish out the points, they you should take them!

  • Sign on Bonus: 35,000 Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles. Transferable 1:2 to Hilton
  • Spending Requirement: $1000 in 4 months
  • Annual Fee: $79

70,000 from the Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

This offer also came by way of Dariaus’ suggestion.  This is another annual fee card, so you aren’t getting all of the points for free, but you’re paying pennies on the dollar.  They give you HawaiianMiles as well, which are transferrable 1:2 HHonors points.  Great Success!

  • Sign on Bonus: 35,000 Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles. Transferable 1:2 to Hilton
  • Spending Requirement: $1000 in 4 months
  • Annual Fee: $79

Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express

I haven’t actually seen this one done, but I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work.  Starwood will allow you to transfer to Virgin Atlantic (as shown above) at a 1:1 ratio.  Once they’ve been transferred to Virgin Atlantic, you’ll be able to turn around and transfer them to Hilton.

  • Sign on Bonus: Starpoints transferable to Virgin Atlantic then to Hilton HHonors


You can rack up some serious Hilton HHonors points with a few credit card sign up bonuses.  In total you would accumulate over 400,000 points which can get you some serious Hilton Hotels.  With judicious use of your excellent credit, and a measly $323 in first year fees, you can accumulate thousands of dollars in hotel expense savings.

Hilton Category Costs

There are seven different tiers of Hilton Hotels.  Their search function isn’t my favorite, but you can look at their website to see the hotels on each tier.  You could basically live at a tier 1 hotel for 53 nights.   It would equal 32 nights at a tier 2, 16 nights at a tier 3,  13 nights at a tier 4, 11 nights at a tier 5, 10 nights at a tier 6, and 8 nights at a tier 7.

The bottom line is that there are tens of thousand of Hilton HHonors points out there for the taking.  In the off chance that I needed to stay at a hotel for 53 days, this is exactly how I would do it.  Hahah.

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