From Wanderlusting to Wandering – Los Cabos, Mexico

I mentioned the cold winter as a wanderlust inducer.  It’s actually been pretty nice so far, though I know that at some point in Jan/Feb I’ll be dying to get some sand between my toes.  Tina’s photo will provide some solace at that point, but it would be even better to see myself on this beach.

This is extraordinarily convenient, as well, because a good friend of mine was just asking for a recommendation on an all-inclusive resort to celebrate his anniversary later this month.  Admittedly, I haven’t been an “all-inclusive” kind of guy – but that’s mostly because I’ve always seen them as being over-priced and full of tip-grubbers.

That was before I found my way to  I’ve talked about it before as a great place to score a cheap cruise, but they do the resort thing, too.  I wanted to put together some options so I did a search and came up with some surprisingly cheap options at some incredible places.

Somewhere around $500 will get a couple 3 nights in a worry-free Cabo San Lucas paradise – complete with food, fun and entertainment. Take your pick, but I dont think you could go wrong with the Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort.  The three night weekend stay at the end of January I checked in on was priced at $478 – and no, that’s not per person, that’s for the couple!

If you’re having a hard time justifying so frivolously spending $500, you could opt to exchange the 50k Ultimate Rewards Points you get from the Chase SapphireSM Preferred Card  for $500 in cold hard cash.

The Flights

I’m going to give it to you straight… for whatever reason, unless you’re in Los Angeles, flying to SJD (Cabo) isn’t cheap – which is why you’re going to need some frequent flyer miles.  If you were going to Cancun, I’d say buy your tickets – they get pretty cheap.  But since we’re talking Cabo, I’m hoping you’ve got some American AAdvantage miles – 35k from the US with plenty of winter availability. If you haven’t gotten them the old fashioned way, you could look at this offer for 50k miles on the AAdvantage Citi Select.

The Wrap-up

I really hope it doesn’t sound like we are foisting credit cards on you disrespectfully.  We fully realize what an asset it is to have good credit. Please check out our Before You Apply post along with the Doesn’t it Hurt my Credit? post. I know that just because you’re wanderlusters doesn’t mean you’re ready to gamble with something as important as your credit score and the last thing we’d want is for people to be irresponsible in their pursuit of glorious travel destinations.  I can tell you, though, that it can be done responsibly. In the past year and a half I’ve applied for 7 cards (+6 for my wife) and my most recent credit evaluation from Credit Sesame, a totally free credit monitoring service, has my score as high as it’s ever been.

We also hope to be adding value and inspiring you whether or not you ever elect to take the credit card FF miles route.  In full disclosure, we do get paid a commission when you use some of the links on our site.  It helps me justify the time I spend to my wife as I neglect my honey-dos.  More than anything, it is very satisfying to see so many people catching on and flocking to our blog.  Thank you for taking the time and please stick around.  Don’t hesitate to comment and send us questions.

Chase Ink Bold Card for Business gives you 50k Ultimate Reward Point bonus after meeting the $5000 spending requirement in 3 months.  Click the card for terms and conditions.

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5 Responses to From Wanderlusting to Wandering – Los Cabos, Mexico

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  2. Alicia says:

    Hi! My family is trying to make our way to Houston from SLC sometime during Easter and the ticket prices look horrible. My MILaw is footing the bill, but I really don’t want her to have to break the bank on our 5 plane tickets. I was looking at your website & briefly scanned the different credit cards. What would you recommend we do, if anything, to help her out. Tickets will need to be purchased in the next couple weeks & i”d like to avoid cards that have a bigger spending requirement. Thanks! (We love I.F. & have so many wonderful memories from when we lived there!)

    • Sheldon says:


      Thanks for following. We have been having a lot of fun explaining to people how to travel affordably. I’m glad to see that you’re interested. I’m also impressed that you’re so willing to help out! Way to go!

      Your time frame makes it a bit difficult, but it is still possible. The United MileagePlus explorer card has been offering 50,000 points to a lot of people. The current offer on the blog is for 25,000, which will get you one ticket, but you need 50,000 to get two out of it. You might be able to apply for the normal card and then call Chase to see if they will “Bump the Bonus” to 50,000. It isn’t guaranteed that they will bump it, but many times they will.

      The only other issue that you might run into is that using the miles on very specific dates can be difficult. Oftentimes they charge more miles during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays because they know that they can sell the seats, so why give them away.

      For this reason I really think that the best option would be the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. It is probably too tight of a timeframe to get done for your trip that you’re planning in April, but it would be great to begin building the arsenal. When the next opportunity to travel comes up, then you will be prepared. The $615 in airfare from the Sapphire Preferred card is amazing. Who else out there offers you over $600 for a few measly points on your credit score?

      The whole process is rather lucrative, and the accrued miles should count toward your total net worth, right? I think so.

      Thanks for the question and hopefully this has given you some insight. Keep following and you’ll understand more as we go! 🙂

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  4. Judd Aeschbacher says:

    Don’t forget about southwest. I recently was looking at a roundtrip to Cancun for 24k per person out of Boise ID.

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