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Who are the WorldWanderlusting Bloggers? Part I: Brad & Family

For months and months, my wife Nicole has insisted that I ought to spend more time on the blog familiarizing our audience with who we are. As she usually is, she was right. Sheldon’s post on our Facebook page about … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Travel Points Hoarder

You’ve seen them – episodes of the grossest kinds of atrocities, people buried in mounds of their belongings, garbage, or both. I’m a bit of a packrat, but thankfully I don’t have that kind of problem.  My problem is of … Continue reading

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A Giant Allegiance to Allegiantair.com

In the beginning, there was Southwest Airlines, and Southwest was built on the premise that it could offer discount flights, keep their planes fuller and minimize expenses, and still make a nice profit.  At one point in time, I did … Continue reading

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