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10 Non-Disneyland Family Vacations

I’ll tell you one thing – ‘ole Walt did it up right. The guy either invented, reinvented, hijacked and/or otherwise monopolized what it means to take a family vacation. I take every opportunity to tell people that I write a … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Make Travel with Children Easier

Are you one of them? It’s a large group of parents who use their children as the excuse for not traveling. They say it’s impossible. But is it really? Cindy, a dedicated worldwanderluster, took her five children on a cruise … Continue reading

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Give Your Children the Gift of Discovery

If you give your children nothing else, give them a thirst for knowledge and adventure.  Children who discover, dream, and dreaming, dare.  I have four adorable children.  And because I have four adorable children, I also have four enormous Christmas … Continue reading

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