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Best of Niagara Falls USA

Although they’re the highlight, there is much more to Niagara Falls than just the falls.  Save them like you would a delicious dessert.  (I know, we’re teasing you with a food lead-in, but it’s just a metaphor and we’ll save … Continue reading

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5 Exotic Fruits you’ve Got to Try and 1 to Avoid

  I’m no Anthony Bordain, but I do love trying new foods. You probably won’t see me eating fermented duck fetuses, that I wouldn’t do even on Fear Factor. I have, however, found a few exotic fruits in my travels … Continue reading

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Embera Indian Tribe

Every young boy remembers the time at elementary school when his friend showed up during library time and showed him a picture of some topless native Americans from the most recent National Geographic.  It brought a whole new meaning to … Continue reading

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Travel Snobbery

Disclosure: This post was written by one of our best friends, Trevor.  He loves travel more than anyone we know and has been an inspiration to us.  He’s visited 50 countries before his 29th birthday.   In the movie “It’s … Continue reading

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Visit the Dominican Republic for $202

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Also, most of the links on our site don’t bring us any financial gain, but Brad and I do receive a commission when you use our link to … Continue reading

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Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels

Sometimes when I tell people that I’ve been to Vietnam and that I really enjoyed my time there they look at me like I have a (guaca)mole on my face.  The give the look like, who would ever want to … Continue reading

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Travel- Do it While you’re young

Let’s be honest.  You don’t take enough vacations.  You’ve got a bucketful of excuses and you’re not afraid to use them.  You go through life wishing that you would travel more, but don’t do anything about it.  You’ve already accepted … Continue reading

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