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Hurry and Get 50k Delta Miles With Limited Time Offer

I’ve been in this hobby, passion, addiction for the last five years.  Offers for 50k Delta miles come and go, but if you’re in the market for Delta Skymiles, now is a great time to pick up this card. Link: … Continue reading

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New Better Delta Offering

Delta and American express have just upped the ante on their American Express Delta Gold card. The minimum spending requirement has also increased. They now are offering 45,000 Skymiles as the bonus as long as you can spend $3000 within … Continue reading

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Upgraded to Delta Skymiles Platinum Card

I’m coming full circle in my immersion into the credit card world.  I’ve had a couple experiences with attempting to cancel a card to avoid paying an annual fee, and had great outcomes so far. In my attempt to cancel … Continue reading

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Delta $400 Vouchers – Burning a hole in my pocket

I’ve told you about The Bump… how taking a small inconvenience on a flight can lead to piles and piles of free or very near free airline flights.  In March of this year, somehow I stumbled into a situation that resulted … Continue reading

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Delta 50% Bonus

As I’ve mentioned before my wife and I are expecting our first child who should be joining us within the next month.  My wife wishes that he would join our family tomorrow or tonight, and seeing the size of her … Continue reading

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Impressions from an ACYPL trip to Vietnam

This is the first of a two-part series I’m doing on my experience as a delegate from the American Council of Young Political Leaders to Vietnam and Malaysia.  ACYPL is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, internationally recognized as the pre-eminent catalyst for … Continue reading

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Copy My Trip: Paris to Munich in 9 Days

Many people are intimidated by the thought of planning a European vacation – and even more intimidated by the thought of having to pay for it.  But what if you could just plagiarize my trip and do it almost-free?  Suddenly it becomes … Continue reading

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