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We’ve been blogging for several years now and we love the following we have cultivated. Over the years we have made all kinds of friends, taken more than our fair share of almost-free trips, and swapped stories with readers. Talking about it is almost as cool as doing it.

Some time ago we compiled the gist of the WorldWanderlusting strategy into a 15-page eBook.  It’s something that is pretty exhaustive in terms of the instruction it offers, yet, you could read it easily in 10 minutes. As a case study we offered the simple instructions on how to get to Costa Rica for $69, but essentially it is a guide to the entire process – taking you from a frequent flyer mile newbie to an expert in very little time.

We have done the research and we know the ins and outs of the various systems.  If you’ve been following for a while, you probably do, too. But no matter what I think that you’ll find the brief guide informative and useful.

You can download the eBook for free and all we’re asking for in return is your email address.  We won’t hound you or sell your information, we just want to be able to reach out to you when we find incredible opportunities we don’t think you’ll want to pass up.

So if you are ready to download the WorldWanderlusting eBook, please visit this page and enter your email.

Download the WorldWanderlusting eBook

Travel Consulting Packages

Also, over the years we have found that as much as we try to educate people about the system – to teach them the ropes – there are many who just aren’t interested or available to spend the time to learn it.

For those people, we’re offering our expertise in helping book almost-free travel. We developed a four-tier model that varies in price and level of service. If you just want help with something simple, we’re ready to help. If what you’re putting together is a little more complex, we’re still making ourselves available.

There are so many ways we have facilitated other people’s mega-inexpensive travel – I just helped one of our customers book a 6-person family trip to Akumal, Mexico for less than $1000! Without our help they would have easily spent more than $4000.  It’s just shocking what a little knowledge about booking efficiencies and searching out the right combinations will equate to.

I could go on and on about it, but you’re best off to just visit the page yourself and see some of the examples about how we’ve helped others book the same kind of incredibly cheap vacations.  Whether you are looking for a couples getaway, or a family adventure, let us help you do it for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay.

WorldWanderlusting Travel Consulting

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