Amazing opportunity with US Airways’ and British Airways’ alliance

I’ve got some great news for anyone who lives close to a city that is serviced by US Airways.    Yesterday was the first official day that US Airways joined with the OneWorld Alliance.  This means that you can now book flights on the partner airlines that pertain to this group:

airberlin Finnair TAM Royal Jordanian
American Airlines Iberia Malaysia Airlines S7 Airlines
British Airways Japan Airlines Qantas Mexicana
Cathay Pacific LAN Qatar Airways

The one in particular that I’d like to show you today is the alliance that US Airways will have with British Airways.  Let me show you the power of this new alliance, and how it will get you excited to pick up some British Airways Avios.

British Airlines’ Award Chart

Their award chart is different than most airlines.  They charge you the amount of points for the flight depending on how far the destination is from the departure city. Below is a chart that will show you how many Avios are required for a one way direct flight:

British Airways Avios Award Chart
Zone Distance Economy Class
1 1-650 4,500
2 651-1151 7,500
3 1152-2000 10,000
4 2001-3000 12,500
5 3001-4000 20,000
6 4001-5500 25,000
7 5501-6500 30,000
8 6501-7000 35,000

Let’s check out some examples of how this will benefit someone who lives in Phoenix.  According to the chart listed above, you can take any direct flight from Phoenix that is less than 650 miles for only 9000 Avios round trip!  That is a smoking deal from the regular 25,000 it would normally cost you.  Below is a map showing everything within 650 nautical miles from Phoenix.

How Sexy is this change?


Where US Airways Flies from Phoenix

Anyone who is living in Boise, Salt Lake, Reno, San Francisco, El Paso, Los Angeles, Denver, etc, and travels to Phoenix regularly better be excited.  Stuff just got real, and now your points and miles can take you more places for less than before.

Check out this map below that shows everything that is within 650 miles of the Phoenix airport.  Keep in mind that the flight must be a direct flight.  You cannot connect to make this deal happen.  That’s why living in a hub city for US Airways would make this deal even better.

british airways

See how far 650 miles is from Phoenix

Ok, so let’s assume that you live outside of the 650 mile radius, well check out the next tier that carries up to 1151 miles from Phoenix and see how far it can take you.  Direct flights from any city within this radius will only cost you 15,000 Avios for the round trip ticket.  Still a bargain from the regular 25,000.

us airways hub

This is the window of 1151 miles from Phoenix

The circle now includes Seattle, Portland, Missouri, Texas, and more.  Now you’re really talking about some bargains on those flights.

What about getting around the East Coast?

As you can already begin to tell, this is a bargain for anyone.  What if you live on the East coast?  Check out what is 650 miles from Charlotte, NC.

us airways hub

Wow. This one is awesome for all people who live in Charlotte

You can basically get a round trip ticket from anywhere on the east coast to Charlotte for the discounted 9000 Avios! Wow!

Where else can I use points like this?

We’ve already shown you how Brad’s wife and friends went and spent a weekend in Los Angeles with a program like this. It has already been working with all American Airlines flights, but now that US Airways has joined the OneWorld alliance it is available to the US Airways flyers too.

If you’d like to check out the calculator to be sure that the flight is calculating the right distance, use the British Airways Avios Calculator to determine the exact amount of miles required.

How do I get my paws on some British Airways Avios?

There is a variety of resources that offer British Airways Avios. Let me show you some of the cards that offer Avios:

These cards offer a variety of bonuses, fees, etc.  Check each card to see which one is the best for you.

What’s the bottom line?

Now that US Airways has joined OneWorld, you can book flights on US Airways’ airplanes by using British Airways Avios.  This is EXTREMELY valuable for anyone who lives in US Airways hubs like Denver, Phoenix, Charlotte, DC, etc.  It is super valuable to people who visit the US Airways hubs that are within 650 miles of their hometown airport that is serviced by US Airways.

The time is now to go and get yourself some Avios so you can start flying for free.

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