Ionian Sailing Breaks: The Island Highlights

This is a sponsored guest post about sailing in the Greek Islands. Sailing has such an allure to me and as soon as life allows it, I intend to make it a part of my travel repertoire. I’ve always imagined sailing in the Caribbean, but who wouldn’t love the islands of Greece?

A sailing holiday gives you the ultimate freedom to explore where you like within the time you have at sea. If you want to laze on the beach in a secluded cove, do it! If you prefer to explore an authentic village that is unknown to tourists, do it! Whatever you want to incorporate into your summer sailing break, the options are there for you.

With Neilson Ionian island holidays, you not only have the chance to skipper your own flotilla and sail the open waves, but you also get to explore a beautiful corner of the world. As you sail along the planned route, you will be able to moor your yacht at any of the given ports and marinas, giving you the chance to discover areas that you’ve never seen before.

Here are some of the island highlights:

  • The Lake Melissani.

    Melissani Cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, but certainly not one of the popular haunts by tourists. It was made famous by Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and has plummeting cliffs, pretty beaches and vineyards aplenty.

  • Corfu can be found in the North Ionian is popular with tourists but that doesn’t mean you’ll run into them. Mooring your yacht at any of the recommended spots will bring you a little closer to lush scenery, tranquil coves and mesmerising scenery.
  • Paxos would be an ideal stop if you’re after complete tranquillity. This tiny Ionian island is home to three villages and that’s it! If you’re looking for relaxation and a laidback atmosphere, this island is the place for you.

From sheltered harbors like Melissani Cave to quintessentially Greek villages, Ionian sailing holidays will introduce you to a completely different holiday than you’re used to. Whether you are qualified to sail or you use the help of an expert skipper, the azure waters will gladly welcome you and your flotilla for the duration of your adventure.

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