Idaho Motorcycle Ride

This weekend was the 2013 Big Awesome Ride (BAR).  We already told you about the 2011 BAR Part 1– Where we visited Missoula, Lake Pend Orielle, and drove into British Columbia.  The 2011 BAR part 2 entailed the trip home which passed us through Banff, the Caniniskus Highway, Waterton, Glacier, Flathead Lake, and home.

This time this was our agenda:


Route for the BAR 2013

It would only be a three day ride, which meant that we averaged about 320 miles per day, which is the perfect amount in my book.  Too many miles and you’re exhausted and grumpy, too few miles and you’re not taking full advantage of your time off.

Get Off the Interstate

Toward the end of his time in Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen realizes that it is nice to slow down from time to time.  He sees the value in a place like Radiator Springs as a relaxing place where you can still see life at a slower pace.  More than likely your lives are like mine: busy, busy, busy.  Sometimes I need a “Lightning McQueen moment” and taking a bike trip does just that.

You’ll notice on the map above that we took very little Interstate Highways.  Of the 949 miles we drove, only 24 miles on the Interstate.

We passed through towns like Terreton, Stites, Lowell, and more.  These were small towns that still had good homestyle cooking.  I had some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had at a restaurant in Stites, Idaho.  When we stopped in Leadore we took a quick stroll around town, which didn’t take long as they’ve only got about 5 streets, but we found a beautiful chapel that looked like the one on Guns n’ Roses.


Guns n Roses Church

I also had to get some fuel, and used a pump that looked like this:


Ancient Gas Pump

Why you need Motorlust

I’m convinced.  Nobody can tell me differently.  Go ahead and try.

There is no better way to experience an area than to do it on a motorcycle.  I promise you that the smells will be more pleasant than those in your car (Especially after eating that fiber bar). You’ll notice the differences in temperature from a burning hot lava field to an irrigated field of waiving grain.  You’ll spend more time admiring the beautiful scenery because conversation isn’t an option.

There is something therapeutic about riding a bike.  It’s good for the soul.  Jamming to some of your favorite tunes as you pass the Sawtooth mountains just makes you feel good about life.  You’ll wish that you could stop around every bend and take a picture, unfortunately you won’t have time for that many stops.  Take a mental note of it all, and smile.

Mountain Pass

Heavenly View

Motorlust Will Bring You Closer to Those That Ride With You

This sounds contradictory because of my statement above regarding less conversation.  Just hear me out.  Sometimes less is more.  At every stop when you fuel up the tank with 2 or 3 gallons take a moment to buy a Red Bull and have a heart to heart with your friend, girlfriend,  or wife.  Talk about the things you love and the goals in life you’re yet to accomplish.

Unless you just got a speeding ticket from the Idaho 5-O, doing 90 on the curves of Lolo Pass, your conversation will be upbeat and your heart will be full.  Take advantage of this time to pour out your heart, because soon enough you’ll be back on the saddle.

Idaho Motorcycle Ride

Look for the next opportunity you can find to enjoy a 3 day weekend trip around your house.  More than likely you haven’t even enjoyed your own state.  Embarassingly this was my first trip to Sun Valley, McCall, and Lolo.  These are places in my own state.  I’ve been blown away at the beauty of the state of Idaho.  Freak.  The worst part of the trip was the first hour out of town and last hour coming home.

Borrow a bike from your father-in-law, or rent one at the local dealership and give it a shot with your friends or your lover.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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