Luxury Italian Castles and Villas: Better than cheap, free

I was brought up to dread spending money. While most people report an exhilarating high upon making a purchase, for me, it’s more like getting stabbed. For better or for worse, this is who I am.  And, incidentally, it’s why we have this blog.  You see, I do get an exhilarating high when I travel. The tough part is that for far too many people you can’t do the one without the other.

But, yes, as you know we’re managing exactly that.  On this blog we’ve told about a $574 six-person flight to Colombia, a $10 flight to Honduras, a European vacation for $4000 off, and even how you could get paid $135 for going on a cruise.

Instead of bitterly paying hard-earned money to quench our wanderlust, we spend our easy-earned points… and in this post we’re going to indulge.

The bulk of what we show you is how to stretch your points and maximize their reach, but every once in a while you owe yourself a splurge.  Now, I’m still talking about a point-splurge, mind you.  I’m not telling you to spend money… we’ll just continue to operate under the impression that it’s as painful for you as it is for us to spend money… and keep showing you how to get and spend points instead.

First off, you need to get your hands on Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard.  This has become my new favorite card on the basis of how flexible it is to use for travel purchases – no complicated point systems, just a simple reimbursement of travel expenses, kicked off by $400 large after spending $1000 in the first 3 months. On an ongoing basis, you can accumulate reimbursements at a rate of 2.2% [gasp].

Let’s just say you not only spend the $1000, but you spend a total of $5000 on this card for the first little while you have it. You wind up with a total of $500 in reimbursement availability, and an immediate $50 kickback. That’s $550 to spend however you’d like.

Speaking of what you’d like… wouldn’t you like to stay in a castle?  Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Well, here are some incredible luxury Italian Castles and Villas you could stay at for 2-7 nights in with your $550 from the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard.  Please keep in mind that you’d need to be sure that the expense is tagged by Barclaycard in the lodging or travel category in order for them to honor reimbursement.  Your best bet may be to book through an online travel agency.

  1. Castello di Petroia Perugia, Umbria: At least 3 nights, including breakfastsItaly Castles
  2. Castelo di Ripa d’Orcia Siena, Tuscany: 2-3 nights depending on which roomItalian Luxury castles
  3. Villa Empoli, Florence, Tuscany: Up to a weekVillas in Italy
  4. Colle Da Vinci, Florence, Tuscany: 3-4 nightsItalian Farmhouses
  5. Mansion in Cetona, Cetona, Tuscany: 4-5 nightsRental house in Cetona

I know, “luxury” and “free” don’t generally go together, but after having a gander at these places and how many nights you can stay for free, you tell me if you’re not convinced.

It is so incredibly exciting to get other people involved in traveling the “free” way.  We are anxious to hear your stories about what you have planned.  If you have something you’re working on, comment below and maybe we can help you make it happen.  If you have already made some memories, we’d love to have you do a guest post for us.

Thanks for always wanderlusting with us!

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