Maximizing your Ink Bold/Ink Plus Cards

Just yesterday ended a great promotion on the Chase Ink Bold charge card and the Chase Ink Plus credit card.  Hopefully many people took advantage of the increased bonus which will give 60,000 Ultimate Rewards when you meet the minimum spending requirement on the cards.

Now that your card is on the way, here are a couple of ideas on how to maximize your purchases with these cards.

Maximizing Ink Bold/Ink Plus at Office Supply Stores

Most things at Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples are overpriced.  They always have a sale on their proprietary products and they mark up the brand stuff that is actually quality stuff.

Ink Bold maximize

Gift Cards I recently purchased from Office Max

Gift cards are the money spot for these stores.  You’ll get 5 points per dollar spent here, so bust out the Ink Plus and buy them up.  If you were going to purchase a $200 item on Amazon anyway, why not get these gift cards and use the gift cards to pay for your expenses.  That would get you 1000 points closer to your next vacation.  Heaven knows we can all use one of those.  

Be careful of the American Express, Visa, and MasterCard gift cards as you see on the left.  They usually have activation fees which would easily offset the extra points and the trip to the store.  You’ll find the best luck getting these Amazon cards and using them as they don’t have any fees associated.  You can also find gift cards to your favorite restaurants like Texas Roadhouse with the warm ribs coated with delicious barbeque sauce and those rolls with the cinnamon honey-butter.  MMMM.  Load ’em up and use those next time you want ribs.

All those wedding gifts, dad’s birthday, and your co-workers baby shower can all be remedied with a wonderful gift card to Amazon, Texas Roadhouse, or Home Depot.  They get to shop with great reviews and in the comfort of their pajamas, while you bask in your 5 points per dollar strategy.  Talk about a win-win.

Filling up with Ultimate Rewards at the Gas Station

Ink Bold

Get yourself an Ink

This is about the only thing that will put a smile on your face next time you fuel up at the gas station, because the price is sure to make you depressed.  The Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards will give you 2 Ultimate Rewards per dollar when you’re putting your dollars into Saudi Arabia.

Here is another idea; because this is a business card you can add authorized users without disclosing their social security number.  This ensures that their credit isn’t pulled, but gives them access to the same benefits as you.  Your next fill up with the Suburban of $100 will net you 200 Ultimate Rewards in return.  Just another way to bring you closer to that next vacation. 

Using Ink Bold/Ink Plus for your Internet/Cell Phone/Etc

Since you all have cell phones, and nobody pays less than $80 because those plans don’t exist anymore since the boom of the smartphone.   We know you’re paying $80 or much more on your debit card, from a checking account, or on a card that only earns you 1 point per dollar on your Cabela’s card.  Stop it!

Bust out the Ink card in your wallet or purse and set these up on autopay.  Between my Internet and cell phones I pay about $200 per month, or $2400 per year.  On your Cabelas card at the end of the year you have: 2400 points.  With the Ink Bold or Ink Plus you just put 12,000 points in your award wallet.

Ink Plus and Ink Bold Cards for All

As you can see this business card is one of the best out there.  I would definitely recommend that you look into getting this one if you are simply using a bank debit card right now.  It’s time to start building up your award wallet so you can take some amazing trips.

If you don’t own a business, start one.  Visit with your CPA and ask them how starting a business can benefit you on your taxes.  Even if it is something small like selling hair bows for your wife, peddling multilevel marketing, selling health insurance (only crazy people do this), or whatever, you will benefit greatly from doing it.  The advice given here is not to be taken as tax advice.  Please visit with your CPA for tax rules and consequences.

If you want to learn more about Ultimate Rewards and how to use them:

Ink Bold Link

Ink Plus Link

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