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St. Mark’s Square

Pigeon Attack

Pigeon Attack in Venice, by Jessica

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11 Responses to St. Mark’s Square

  1. clint says:

    That is one of the coolest pics ever.

  2. The Montane Vole says:

    Though all of the pictures are stunningly beautiful, THIS one best symbolizes for me why all true “worldwanderlusters” travel–forever-to-be-remembered moments of surprise, astonishment, and joy, often unexpected and utterly beyond our control!! That’s true at ANY age, so this child is clearly already a next-generation “worldwanderluster” in the making!

  3. Jenn L says:

    I like this the best!! How fun!

  4. Megan Claire says:

    Crazy photo! So awesome! I remember St Marks Square and couldnt get over how many pidgeons there are :)!!

  5. noel says:

    very cute, love the expression

  6. I love this picture the best!

  7. Awesome! The bird looks a bit freaked out too!

  8. Tonya says:

    Too cute….or terrifying!

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